Why Are Marketing Automation Managers So Hard to Find?


According to Forrester, only 2-5% of B2B firms have invested in full-featured Marketing Automation. Increasingly, B2B companies realize that Marketing Automation software requires skilled operators. First of all, in most cases the person is responsible for lead generation , lead nurturing and lead scoring. Tags: Demand Generation campaign manager jobs marketing automation marketing automation manager marketing operations requirements skills

7 Reasons Why Marketing Automation Projects Fail


In complex B2B sales situations you cannot rely on product-centric communications, nor on discounts (&# this week 10% off!&# ). A Marketing Automation system does not generate inquiries (or “raw leads&# ). Needless to say, Marketing Automation software is very popular today.

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Marketing Automation Trends for 2010


Several new vendors appeared on the market, many existing vendors experienced rapid growth, and Marketing Automation as a term gained popularity among B2B marketers. Adam Needles , Director, Field Marketing and B2B Marketing Evangelist, Silverpop. David Raab , Raab Associates & author, Raab Guide to Demand Generation Systems. The vast majority of leads generated on a website never have a meaningful conversation with a sales rep. Demand Generation?

Demand Generation Blogs Continued


In the spirit of Twitter’s Follow Friday I’d like to finally publish the remaining Demand Generation blogs that I enjoy reading. Earlier I published the Top 10 Demand Generation vendor blogs and the Top 10 Marketing Automation Blogs. B2B Marketing Zone. This is more of a meta-blog, aggregating a large number of B2B blogs, including this blog. This blog provides a strategic perspective on the demand generation process.


Developing a Conversational Approach

Speaker: Carlos Hidalgo, CEO & Founder of VisumCx

B2B buyers are more sophisticated than ever before, from the customers’ initial discovery, to the moment they commit to buy. B2B buyers are self-guiding their purchase journey, consuming more content along their purchase path and involving more stakeholders in the final decision.

5 Ways to Use Social Media in Marketing Automation


This is the first of three posts for the Silverpop B2B Marketing University , March 3rd in Washington DC. Lead Generation. Marketing is starting to see sales as a customer who demands high-quality leads.

Lead Nurturing Checklist for Marketing Automation


In B2B marketing, campaigns often run 3-12 months. Tags: Demand Generation Email Marketing marketing automation data quality drip campaign lead nurturing If you want to make a start with Lead Nurturing, what are the right questions to ask?

B2B Marketing Analytics


On Saturday I presented a session about B2B Marketing Analytics at AnalyticsCamp in Chapel Hill ( slides here ). Keep track of how much of the sales pipeline is generated by marketing.


What is the ROI of Lead Management?


Their best practices are useful for any demand generation practitioner, and are not tied to one particular marketing automation system. Tags: Demand Generation engage b2b lead management lead nurturing lead scoring marketo roi silverpop workbook

9 Marketing Automation Metrics


However, there are a couple of B2B Marketing experts who understand how to avoid inflated expectations. Let me know in a comment… Tags: Demand Generation key performance indicator marketing automation marketing metrics marketing roi sales-ready leads siriusdecisions tippit

Inbound Marketing Automation


In my opinion any B2B company needs both Inbound Marketing and Marketing Automation: the first to get in touch with new prospects, the second to move those leads through the funnel from suspects to sales-ready leads.

ActiveConversion Review - SMB Lead Management


From Web Analytics to Demand Generation. ActiveConversion generates HTML code for you, so you can include it in a page on your own website. Based on the demo I attended, I feel that ActiveConversion is a good first B2B demand generation solution for smaller companies.

B2B Marketing Automation Twitter Contest


Tags: Demand Generation marketing automation twitter

Finding Untapped Revenue in Your Marketing Database


Sue Hay & Cari Baldwin : Supercharge Your Demand Generation with Marketing Automation. Robert Walmsley : Why Marketing Automation is a Must-Have For Every B2B VP of Sales. It’s sort-of like living on top of a goldmine, but you have to dig to get to the gold.

MarketingSherpa B2B Marketing Summit Boston


Monday and Tuesday I’m attending the Boston MarketingSherpa B2B Marketing Summit. Having seen many of the presentations in San Francisco, I found it useful to classify them in three main categories: Lead Generation. Silverpop Engage B2B (booth 4). Monday and Tuesday I’m attending the Boston MarketingSherpa B2B Marketing Summit. Silverpop Engage B2B (booth 4).

B2B Marketing University: What Do You Want to Learn About?


There has been quite a bit of change in B2B marketing over the past couple of years. Continuing Education for B2B Marketers. Doctors do it, so why not B2B marketers? They are organizing a B2B Marketing University this fall, with lots of interesting topics. And just like in medicine, the vendor pays for it all: admission is free for qualified B2B marketers (too bad they don’t have a session in Hawaii).

Measuring Marketing ROI: Campaign Attribution and Campaign Influence


In B2B, a prospect doesn’t convert into a customer in a single interaction as is often the case with e-Commerce. The benefits of such a solution are: Highly accurate measurement of marketing contribution to revenue generation. Should the bookings be attributed to the first campaign that generated the first lead into a deal or maybe the last campaign that touched it or maybe it should be equally distributed across all campaigns that touched a deal?


How Are CRM and Marketing Automation Different?


Last week I presented a session at Silverpop’s B2B Marketing University in Atlanta. Tags: Demand Generation Sales Force Automation b2b marketing crm marketing automation salesforce.com.In addition to Marketing Automation, there were two big topics: Social Media and CRM. I will write about Social Media some other time, and focus on CRM in this post. Many attendees were confused by CRM vendors claiming to offer full marketing functionality.

Are You Old Enough for Inbound Marketing?


Great for them, but bad for customers: there’s always so much confusion about these new terms (earlier I wrote about the confusion around Demand Generation and Sales 2.0 ). I though Inbound Marketing and Social Media would be a Generation Y thing!

8 Tips to Get Started with Marketing Automation


is the question I get asked most by attendees of the MarketingSherpa B2B Marketing Summit in San Francisco. MarketingSherpa B2B Summit Comes Recommended. If you’ve missed this conference, you can still attend the B2B Marketing Summit in Boston on October 5 and 6. Tags: Demand Generation b2b summit content marketing lead flow lead nurturing marketing automation marketing metrics marketingsherpa “Where do I start?”

Top-10 Marketing Automation Blogs


BTW 1: Some of these blogs are more about lead generation, demand generation or inbound marketing, so maybe the title of this blog post is not ideal. Brian Carroll ’s B2B Lead Generation blog ( @brianjcarroll ). Brian is the author of the authoritative book “Lead generation for the complex sale” and has a wealth of interesting articles on his blog. Jame is an experienced demand gen practitioner, who really understands metrics-based lead generation.

Abandon Your Marketing Automation System!?


In the early days it was used to sift through hundreds of new B2B leads per day to identify the valuable leads. My first reaction was: no way, you should not want to do without any type of marketing automation system (for simplicity sake, I use this term as synonymous to demand generation and lead management ). I’m working on an interesting project right now: moving away from a marketing automation system.


Marketing Automation Monday


Demand Generation. B2B Email Marketing. Would you like to meet up with fellow Marketing Automation professionals to exchange tips and best practices? Join us at Marketing Automation Monday for an informal panel discussion on using drip marketing to find more qualified leads and for networking with other like-minded marketers. These are the dates & locations: San Francisco , November 8th: info & registration ». Palo Alto , November 15th: info & registration ».

MarketingSherpa’s Email Summit 2009


It is focused on advanced email strategies, which is an important part of the demand generation process. Most of the case studies seem to be B2C rather than B2B. Nevertheless, there are lots of interesting advanced email topics that are just as relevant for B2B demand generation specialists. Leveraging user-generated content. Today MarketingSherpa’s Email Summit started in Miami.


Infographic: Top 10 Types of Demand Generation Content

The Point

Choosing the right content offer for a demand generation campaign isn’t simply about aligning that content with a particular buying persona. The post Infographic: Top 10 Types of Demand Generation Content appeared first on The Point.

This Year, Tackle These 3 Demand Generation Priorities First

The Point

Sometimes great people, a great product, or pure market demand can cover up all sorts of marketing sins, but more often the clients who succeed consistently at demand generation are those who have their act together. Good content is what fuels modern demand generation.

Top 10 Demand Generation Resolutions for 2014

The Point

It’s a new year, so what better time to get your demand generation strategy “in shape” for improved performance? Blogs have long been the exclusive province of the PR team, but demand generation marketers are starting to realize the potential for blogs to generate leads in a big way.

Key B2B Demand Generation Strategies for 2015

The Point

We discussed what’s new, what’s working, and what’s on the horizon in B2B Demand Generation. What is the first B2B marketing strategy that marketers must consider for 2015? (HS) In our business, demand generation and content marketing are nearly synonymous.

Which Content, Tactics & Technologies Are Driving Demand Generation ROI?

The Point

A recent survey by content automation company TechValidate and B2B agency Spear Marketing Group provides useful insight into the content, tactics, and technologies proving most valuable for today’s B2B marketers.

A Deeper Look Into B2B Demand Generation

Modern Marketing

We just completed our third annual B2B Enterprise Demand Generation Study , which evaluated the maturity of the demand generation function within enterprise organizations. Here are some of the statistics that jumped out and what they mean for those in B2B marketing.

Shiny Objects, Demand Generation and ABM


With #FlipMyFunnel , the San Francisco event only a few weeks behind us, it seems as if Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is now the “shiny new object” that has captivated the attention of B2B marketers. The post Shiny Objects, Demand Generation and ABM appeared first on ANNUITAS.

Lead Generation is Crippling Demand Generation

Digital B2B Marketing

Lead generation and demand generation, although related, are at odds with each other. When many B2B marketers say demand generation, they mean lead generation, and the program will be measured on leads and the value of those leads.

Why Demand Generation Requires More Than Marketing


I had a conversation with a prospect today about their demand generation challenges. This comment is not all too uncommon from what I hear from many marketing department heads who are wanting to transform their approach to demand generation.

The Reactive Demand Generation Strategy


This means adhering to a clearly defined Demand Generation Strategy that is buyer-centric and all the things we need it to be to obtain our goals, and then sticking to it. A reactive Demand Generation Strategy – isn’t a strategy at all.

Why Demand Generation Should Be Perpetual


This is the second year that ANNUITAS has conducted its Enterprise B2B Demand Generation Survey with the goal of gaining better insights into the approach that enterprise organizations take to demand generation.

Infographic: Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Full-Service Demand Generation Agency

The Point

But in the right situation, especially given the complexity of today’s modern marketing, the right agency partner can be the key to your company making the most of your demand generation investments.

Agency 108

Boost Demand Generation Using Target Ready Buyer Models

Tony Zambito

Recently, I published two articles related to 5 ways buyer behaviors are affecting B2B sales , and 5 ways they are affecting B2B marketing. The complicated answer is to say that the mindset towards demand generation needs to change. ©All rights reserved by Kenny Madden.

How to Align Content Marketing and Demand Generation Teams


Now, I’d like to discuss the relationship between content marketing and demand generation. The two teams generally have the same goals – make things that build awareness, demand, and pipeline. In fact, 85% of B2B content marketers say that their most important goal is lead generation. But, more often than not, content marketing and demand generation teams operate in silos.

Better Demand Generation Marries Data And Content

Marketing Insider Group

They sought to answer how to bring these two 2 marketing practices together into one overarching demand generation strategy. So they created this infographic visualizing the main considerations for bringing together the power of data and content to drive effective demand generation.

Building a Marketing Technology Stack for Your Demand Generation Efforts


Demand generation is about more than just delivering sales-ready leads for products or services. Perhaps a section of your demand generation framework would look something like this: Publish Content – Share Content – Track Conversions – Nurture Leads into Sales Funnel.