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How to Leverage SEO for B2B Lead Generation

Modern B2B Marketing

Author: Nate Dame Too many marketing activities still happen in silos, and search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most isolated. Marrying SEO and lead generation strategies starts with a modern understanding of SEO—specifically a concept called “user intent.”

New Raab VEST Report: B2B Marketing Automation Will Reach $1.2 Billion in 2014

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I’ve just published the latest edition of our B2B Marketing Automation Vendor Selection Tool (VEST), with updated entries on all your favorites and several new entries to boot. Do I get SEO credit for using “top of the funnel”?) mid-market leadership may be up for grabs.

How to Use Surveys for B2B Lead Generation

Modern B2B Marketing

Demand generation and…surveys? While lead forms are a great way to capture contact information about your prospects, they may not collect other critical information because too many fields can overwhelm potential customers. Demand generation and surveys.

The 10 most fascinating people in B2B marketing in 2017


My list is about the most interesting people that I came across in B2B marketing during 2017. So meet this year’s fascinating B2B marketers, and let’s not forget the outstanding members of my lists in 2016 and 2015. . Katie Martell coined the term “on-demand marketer” to describe herself and her business. Anahi Traba takes B2B marketing to the streets, as CMO of the gigantic construction equipment company Sullair Argentina. Top 10 lists are everywhere this year.

Getting Started Guide for Marketing Automation

The Effective Marketer

With all the (deserved) hype surrounding marketing automation, is no wonder that many companies, startups especially, are adding the technology as a key component to their marketing activities. Problem is, sometimes the rush to get the software installed and running ends up trampling the creation of processes, content planning, and other key ingredients that are necessary for a successful marketing automation implementation. Step 3: Content Marketing Audit.

41 Top Lead Generation Tools of 2017


There are a lot of different ways to generate leads for your company. Email marketing, cold outreach, and content marketing are all viable options to generate leads. That’s why we’ve broken this list of tools into categories that will best fit your lead generation strategy (with a detailed explanation of how you can use each tool). Lead Data Collection. Email Marketing. Complete Marketing Automation.

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Why Video Is Crucial to Your Marketing Automation Strategy

Modern B2B Marketing

Leads who watch videos as part of their journey to close cost an average of 20% less. The days of video as solely a top-of-funnel, dare we say “fluffy” asset, have passed. And that’s why, over the last couple of years, we’ve seen a phenomenal shift in the way marketers are using video.

Data Talks! 2 Proven Lead Generation Tactics to Jump on Now

Modern B2B Marketing

Finding quality prospects is one of a marketer’s biggest challenges—how do you find leads that will convert into sales? In fact, 61% of B2B marketers cite generating high-quality leads as their No. Strategy #1: Content Marketing. Generate Better B2B Leads.

Case Study: Segmentation, New Creative Boosts Lead Conversion Rates by 75%

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Sungard AS runs a highly successful demand generation program, an integrated mix of both online and offline campaigns, to generate a consistent flow of leads to the company’s sales force. Design, build and launch a nurture campaign targeted to “Mid Stage” leads.

Amazing Account Based Marketing Tactics for Your Entire Funnel


Account based marketing is everyone’s favorite buzzword, but let’s be honest – do you really know any companies doing it well? And as Marketo’s Senior Director of Marketing, she knows these tactics better than anyone. The AMB Funnel.

Back to Basics: What is Marketing Automation and Why Do I Need It Now?

Modern B2B Marketing

Author: Dayna Rothman Marketing automation is a must-have for a modern marketing team. But, even though you may have heard this fact or read about it, many marketers are still questioning the exact definition. What exactly is marketing automation and why do you need it?

4 Ways to Optimize the Middle of the Funnel

Modern B2B Marketing

Author: Adam Hutchinson Like the middle child, the middle of the demand generation funnel receives far less attention than it deserves. But in between, we need to nurture and qualify our leads by encouraging them to engage with our content until they’re sales-ready.

6 Vital Features to Look for in Marketing Automation Software this Year

Modern B2B Marketing

People are using new methods to learn about products and services; shifting the way they navigate sales funnels. Marketers have to adapt to these changes. Automation is the fuel that allows businesses to stay one step ahead of the game. Lead Scoring Capabilities.

5 Mid-Funnel Lead Nurturing Mistakes

Modern B2B Marketing

Author: Steve Gershik Most marketers have their eyes on many moving targets — lead generation , conversion rates, new customer acquisition, customer retention, and even customer expansion. Get started with this list of 30 Things to Test for Lead Generation.

B2B Search Engine Marketing & Marketing Automation: An Interview with Marketo’s Jon Miller

KoMarketing Associates

Lead generation is at the top of almost every B2B marketer’s responsibility list. Generate more leads, generate better leads, and improve the rate to which lead opportunities turn into closed wins for the sales teams.

4 Reporting Features You NEED in Marketing Automation

Modern B2B Marketing

Author: Frank Passantino Every marketing automation platform uses some type of reporting. But while every platform displays reports in different ways, and every marketer has different needs, there are some major insights that your marketing automation platform MUST be able to provide.

The Definitive Guide to Lead Generation

Modern B2B Marketing

Author: Dayna Rothman Lead generation describes the marketing process of stimulating and capturing interest in a product or service for the purpose of developing sales pipeline. Why is Lead Generation Important? How Has Lead Generation Evolved?

How RightWave Solves the Marketing Automation Skill Shortage

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One of the main reasons that marketing automation has not been adopted more quickly is that too few marketers know how to fully use it. In other words, RightWave has the features to support pretty much any program marketers might want.

Beyond Lead Generation: How to Use Content for Sales Enablement, Lead Nurturing and Retention

Modern B2B Marketing

Author: Caroline Watts Many marketers consider content to be primarily used for top-of-funnel lead generation techniques. Convert Mid-Funnel Leads. Without content however, getting the most out of marketing automation can be a challenge.

Why Marketing Attribution and Marketing Automation should Shake Hands and Call It Even


Marketing automation and marketing attribution have oft been pitted against each other, like bloodied boxers in a ring waiting for the bell so that one or the other can finish the job. What Is Marketing Automation? What is Marketing Attribution?

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30 Experts Discuss Marketing Automation Trends That Will Have The Biggest Impact On B2B Marketers In 2018


. We’ve all been on the receiving end of terrible marketing automation - poorly targeted, ill-timed, and irrelevant messaging. . While marketing automation can be powerful for growing marketing teams, it can also do more harm than good if not configured or implemented properly. .

Get More out of your Marketing Automation with Interactive Content

Modern B2B Marketing

Author: Seth Lieberman You have seen the benefits of content marketing , but are your recent campaigns falling a bit flat? You have a marketing automation system in place, but are you getting the most out of it? Lead form completion rates of 80%.

How to Optimize Google AdWords with Offline Conversion Tracking and Marketo

Modern B2B Marketing

Author: Jon Miller Google AdWords is one of the most important marketing channels for almost every company, and the ability to measure and optimize for conversions is one of its most powerful capabilities. Marketo Integration. Nurture leads before passing them to sales.

Mega-List of Features in Marketing Automation (That You Won’t Find in CRM)

Modern B2B Marketing

by Jon Miller A common question I hear from marketers is “I already have a CRM system (e.g., Microsoft Dynamics CRM), so why do I need marketing automation ”? Many CRM systems have a module for marketing. Architecture of Marketing Automation versus CRM.

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3 Demand Generation Dangers in a B2B Blog Redesign


A big part of lead gen is content, and the simplest content machine on the web is a blog. And as Neil Patel, Eloqua, Marketo and Hubspot have shown us, when B2B content is crafted correctly, it becomes a killer tool for attracting qualified prospects to your sales funnel.

3 Demand Generation Dangers in a B2B Blog Redesign


A big part of lead gen is content, and the simplest content machine on the web is a blog. And as Neil Patel, Eloqua, Marketo and Hubspot have shown us, when B2B content is crafted correctly, it becomes a killer tool for attracting qualified prospects to your sales funnel.

5 Ways Your Sales Funnel Will Suffer If You Don’t Know Your Audiences


Knowing your target audience and understanding what speaks to them is fundamental to marketing successfully. This simple statement will sound obvious to most marketers. And yet, for B2B marketers specifically, pursuing an audience-centric approach is a real struggle.

Brightfunnel Gives B2B Marketers Self-Service Revenue Attribution

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Marketing without revenue attribution is like playing golf without keeping score: it might be fun but you can’t tell whether you’re doing a good job. But while keeping score in golf is simple, figuring out the impact of marketing programs is quite tough.

Connecting the Dots: Marketing Big Data


Earlier this week we dreamed of having all of the information we need at our fingertips for making the most educated, data driven decisions possible for who and how we go to market. shameless promotion ahead – if you are looking for a starting place to begin segmenting your leads database, this is a really good place to start. We asked for as much help as possible here, explaining along the way the value of marketing having this information for more targeted programs going forward.

6 Reasons Account-Based Marketing and Artificial Intelligence are the Perfect Match


If you’re in B2B sales or marketing, you have no doubt been pummeled with content about account-based marketing (ABM) and artificial intelligence (AI) over the past year — if not more. ABM makes lead gen much simpler and more effective.

Marketing Automation Trends for 2010


2009 was the year in which Marketing Automation really took off. Several new vendors appeared on the market, many existing vendors experienced rapid growth, and Marketing Automation as a term gained popularity among B2B marketers. In this post I want to focus on the trends in Marketing Automation for 2010. Integration of Social Media, Inbound Marketing and Marketing Automation. Sales & marketing alignment.

John McTigue On The Intersection of Content and Marketing Automation

Modern B2B Marketing

by Dayna Rothman For our recent Definitive Guide to Marketing Automation launch, I interviewed several marketing automation experts to get their input on key questions such as the future of marketing automation and it’s key benefits over an Email Service Provider (ESP).

Marketing Automation: Four Ways to Cure the Ailments of MOFU

Modern B2B Marketing

But left untreated MOFU is a serious condition that is proven to make thousands of advanced marketers very sick. MOFU is the M iddle O f the FU nnel stage in a marketer’s lead funnel or revenue cycle. Feed and nurture your leads. Communicate with your leads.

B2B Marketing in a Downturn Part 1: Lead Generation and Nurture

Modern B2B Marketing

But while the economy has been standing still, there has been a surge in marketing creativity. Over the next three weeks, we’re going to bring you a new three-part guide to marketing in an economic downturn. Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing.

Manticore VII Marketing Automation and Lead Generation Released


Marketing automation / demand generation software provider Manticore today announced the release of Manticore Technology VII, which includes a fully customizable user interface, email and landing page folders, an email delivery wizard, and drag-and-drop list building functionality. Although the improved UI is the big change, the new version also adds integration with for AdWords campaigns and improved lead generation capabilities.

Marketing technology: Tech that makes Heinz Marketing tick

Heinz Marketing

After seeing numerous visualizations of marketing technology stacks from companies throughout B2B last year, we wanted to share one of our own. Below is a simple overview of our key tools broken up by general sales funnel stages. Lead Generation. Marketo. Marketo.

Only B2B - Untitled Article

Only B2B

40+ Demand Generation Blogs You Should Follow Now! Demand generation is one of the arching umbrellas of strategies consists of numerous ideas and strategies to generate demand for your business. It can be a bit tricky if you are new in the market. Marketo.


4 Steps to Tackle Data Quality and Velocity Issues

Modern B2B Marketing

Author: Scott Vaughan Let’s face facts—marketers have become complacent with poor-quality prospect and customer data. According to a SiriusDecisions study, 25% of the average B2B marketer’s database is inaccurate and 60% of companies have an overall data health that’s “unreliable.”

Interview with Moni Oloyede

Onalytica B2B

Moni Oloyede – Marketing Technology & Marketing Operations Specialist. Key Topics: Martech, Marketing Operations. Bio: Moni is a Marketing Operations specialist with 10 years of Marketing Technology experience. No, leads are pushed down the funnel.

Moneyball for Marketers

Modern B2B Marketing

We’ve talked about Moneyball and marketing automation on the blog before , and the analogy still rings true. Here’s a laundry list of lessons that marketers can learn from the Moneyball method. As a marketer, focus on the KPIs that truly reflect profits earned.

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