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How To Integrate Intent Data Into Your Martech Stack


Integrating intent data into these platforms enables you to personalize your messaging based on the behaviors and interests of your target audience as well as identify the right moments to engage with prospects based on their intent signals.

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Account Based Marketing Strategies: 7 Tactics to Improve Campaign Performance


The obstacle that most marketers and salespeople face is the accuracy of the data in their CRM. Research suggests that only 30 to 50% of your data is accurate. As important as data hygiene is, it’s a task that gets pushed to the backburner because of pressing deadlines and priorities.


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#COSeries Recap: Top Priorities For B2B Strategies In New Reality


Intent signals — such as keywords — can be used to identify where the buyer is in their journey and understand their pain points. The more specific your keywords are, the better you can understand your intent signals,” said Jay Tuel, VP of Sales at Demandbase, during his session.“A

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Building a Sales Tech Stack? Start with Good Data


“So you’ve got to start with a foundation of data and intelligence, and that’s just the beginning of what ZoomInfo provides … All of those systems cannot deliver on the function that they were intended to without data.”.

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The 2023 B2B Data Buyer’s Guide For RevOps Leaders


Typically, data is manually inputted at some point during the trip. When incorrect or misspelled data is entered into a system or entered into the wrong place (such as a duplicate), it can result in data consistency, good data hygiene, and deterioration.

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Ten tips for customer reactivation


Customer value, using indicators like RFM, cumulative margins, or intent signals. Clean up your data. Consumer and business data degrades fast. A maniacal focus on data hygiene will pay off in all areas of customer management, especially in retention and reactivation. Product usage.

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The Ultimate Data Quality Guidebook for B2B RevOps Leaders


Without high-quality data in your CRM, your sales and marketing teams will never fully grasp the value of your investment or their team’s potential. Incomplete, incorrect, and out-of-date data are all examples of faulty data, and it’s a common issue. Data is typically manually entered at some point along the journey.