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Katy Keim, Lithium’s CMO: How to Create Brand Advocates from Your Social Media Strategy [Podcast]

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Why Sephora’s hosting of a ‘beauty Wikipedia’ creates a sense of customer trust and connection with its brand. Roughly $500 billion is spent globally each year on advertising, yet less than 15% of buyers report that they trust the advertising they encounter.

Google+ for Business doesn’t have a lot of pluses


Image via Wikipedia. Some people have found this the most interesting feature–they are Skype-like multi-user video chats that are great for impromptu Web meetings. Social Media Marketing Business Facebook Google Google Profile Skype social mediaPerhaps you saw the announcement of Google+ for Business–it made big news for a day, but there isn’t that much to say about it.

Nostalgia Ahead! What Your 20 Favorite Websites Used to Look Like #TBT


9) Skype. but Skype''s logo was once red?! Another fun fact: Skype was created by the people who brought you music downloading service, KaZaA. Tweet about Skype. I just picked up a new hobby. I call it "Waybacking.". It''s kinda like Googling, but even better.

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2013: The Year of Internet Marketing Basics


Photo credit: Wikipedia. Or even better, use the technology at hand (like a Google Hangout or video Skype) to better connect with someone and make your relationship more real. This will be the only 2013 prediction or whatever you want to call it kind of post.

The Ultimate Glossary: 101 Social Media Marketing Terms Explained


Skype - Skype is a free program that allows for text, audio and video chats between users. Additionally, users can purchase plans to receive phone calls through their Skype account. On the web today, things change fast.

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Social Media U: Take a Class in Social Media - ReadWriteWeb

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Other topics (or "lessons") could include the following: RSS, flickr , Wikipedia , social bookmarking, search engines/blog search engines, virtual worlds, VoIP/Skype, mobile media, interactive gaming, and other tools that can be found on this nice list on the Teaching PR blog.

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Ten social media and technology mega-trends to watch

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Wikipedia and a handful of open-source software developers were the pioneers. All Flickr users benefit from a larger photo-posting community, all Skype members from an expanded universe of people with whom to connect. I just read a fascinating (and lengthy!)

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Three Big Lessons from Social Media and Online Security in 2012

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Photo credit: Wikipedia). Since then, Skype also disclosed a major vulnerability (since fixed) that could be used to hijack accounts. Malicious websites attempt to install spyware on readers’ computers.

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Way to save money on long-distance calls ( Skype ). More interesting than Wikipedia are the billions of pages of how to do things. The Bamboo Project Blog. The Power of Blogging ISNT Just in Reading Them. RANT ALERT! )

Ross Mayfield's Weblog: Elevating the Enterprise 2.0 Conversation

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skype. wikipedia. Ross Mayfields Weblog. Markets, Technology & Musings. « Techmeme Persistent Search Feeds | Main. Enterprise 2.008 » June 12, 2008. Elevating the Enterprise 2.0 Conversation. UPDATE: Video of the keynote. My presentation at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference.

Top 37 B2B Marketing Posts and Hot Topics August 2010

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Wikipedia and a handful of open-source software developers were the pioneers. Socialize Gmail with Rapportive - Sazbean , August 5, 2010 Rapportive is a free-plugin for Firefix, Safari, Mailplane or Chrome which shows you information about a contact — their job, company and LinkedIn profile, their latest tweets, links to their Facebook and Skype accounts and more. Traffic numbers may have been down in August, but the quality of blog posts certainly wasn’t.