Fri.Jan 25, 2013

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3 Types of Content that Can Bring In More Leads

Modern Marketing

by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this Today’s guest post comes courtesy of Seth Lieberman, CEO of SnapApp , a marketing platform used by companies to easily create interactive content to generate leads and drive revenue across the web, mobile, social and email.

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How to Transform Yourself Into an Agile Business Blogger


Many inbound marketers and business bloggers get so caught up in (or weighed down by?) the idea of creating blog content , that after hours or days of looking at a blinking cursor, there's nothing but an outline or a few introductory sentences to show for their work.

SEO is Dead. Long Live SEO!

B2B Marketing Traction

Remember the days when SEO was king? Way back when we optimized for Inktomi and Overture? Later when we had to create reciprocal links to appease Google, now a frowned-upon practice? I have news for you. It’s over. SEO as we knew it is dead.

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Twitter Makes Video Marketing More Accessible With GIF-Like Mobile App, Vine


We'll make this one fairly short and sweet, folks, because well, that's what it is. Yesterday, Twitter announced the launch of its new, integrated mobile video app called Vine.

7 Inspiring B2B Marketing Campaigns

Must-See Examples of Marketing Success That You Can Replicate.

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Perspective on the B2B Demand Generation Benchmark Survey Report

KoMarketing Associates

Last October, KoMarketing Associates announced the launch of research consultancy Software Advice’s B2B Demand Generation Benchmark Survey. Software Advice’s Managing Editor Ashley Verrill shared some of the charts and information highlighting results of the survey.

Don’t #Fail Me Now – Common Struggles Businesses Face When Using Social Media

Marketing Action

Social media has changed the way marketers do business, so hopefully you’ve been keeping up with the competition. Businesses using social media typically share common goals – to increase brand awareness and generate leads.

Going from Good to Great Marketing: Leading and Managing Change

Modern B2B Marketing

by Dayna Rothman We have seen a huge transformation in marketing over the past 10-12 years. Buyers are now in control of when and how they access information during the purchase process.

The 5 Most Viral Moments of 2012

Sales Intelligence View

If you didn’t hear of any of the 5 most viral moments of 2012, you probably live under a rock. These moments were discussed and shared everywhere online for weeks.

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B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

25 B2B marketing thought leaders answer the question "What do you expect to B2B marketers to be doing more of or differently in 2016?" The results are amazing insights around content marketing, achieving business results, alignment, employee advocacy, new technologies, customer experience and more.

The Hottest Marketing News of the Week


Keeping up with your subscription updates may be hard sometimes. Don’t you get tons of notifications and updates? We totally understand that.

Sales Tool Spotlight: Kred

Sales Intelligence View

Remember when brands touted 1M+ followers as an outstanding social media accomplishment because they had no better ways to measure success? Kred throws that philosophy out the window with a social influence application that measures engagement, not followers.

Why Are You Running Facebook Apps & Promotions - for the Business or for the Bandwagon?


It's a simple marketing pattern - if a target audience says "call me", marketers pick up the phone; if it's "shoot me an email", marketers start aiming for the inbox. Naturally, when "Find me on Facebook" became popular, marketers were more than happy to oblige. Today, however, Facebook marketing, as well as other social media, email, and multi-channel marketing programs require a lot more sophistication than a simple presence.