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B2B Content Marketing Statistics and What They Mean


Looking down the barrel of a business-to-business (B2B) content marketing plan can be stressful. At a glance, there are no million click searches, no natural content funnel, and no magic conversion formula (“thanks for reading the blog, please sign a six figure contract” doesn’t exactly work.)

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What is Account Based Marketing?

The ABM Agency

Conclusion The Fundamentals of Account-Based Marketing Discover the basics of account-based marketing (ABM) , a highly targeted approach to B2B sales and marketing that uses personalized communication to win new business from specific companies.


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4 Reasons To Invest in Sales Operations Now

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

If you’re running a successful B2B company, your sales operations (sales ops) crew is likely the unsung hero of your sales process. Business leaders sometimes make the mistake of seeing sales operations (increasingly known as revenue operations) as a cost instead of a potential revenue driver.

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8 Steps to Success with Manufacturing Marketing


When you think of it the buying journey of 2020 is not the same as 2010, and definitely not the same as pre 2000. The 2020 buyer journey is an online journey. In fact, the whole concept of “buyer journey” has become commonplace because of the complexity of online purchasing and research.

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B2B SEO vs B2C SEO: The True Breakdown and Comparison

Directive Agency

The sales cycle in B2B is often much longer than that of B2C. B2B SEO campaigns are usually tailored to drive online conversions, moving customers through the funnel. These marketing qualified leads continue through the funnel into sales qualified leads and ideally turn into closed deals. What is B2C SEO?

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Revenue attribution: Everything You Need to Know to Ramp Up Your Marketing ROI


Revenue is a top priority for any business, no matter how big, no matter how small. We all know that a hard-working sales team is key for bringing in new business and increasing revenue. But revenue is increasingly a priority for marketing teams too. . Essentially, it can make your money go further.

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Microsoft, Marketo and Facebook’s 5 Tips for Focused, Effective Marketing


Echoing the results of a recent survey by the Leadspace-sponsored Martech Industry Council (on which he sits), Charles noted that the rapidly-expanding, increasingly noisy martech market makes it more difficult than ever for B2B marketers to prioritize effectively. “So it can be really easy to get distracted.”

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