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The 10 Best Customer Service and Customer Engagement Platforms


1) Ning. Sample review: “It probably won’t be the subject of a Hollywood blockbuster any time soon, but the Ning platform allows you to create your very own Facebook. This was the 43rd post in the Best Online Business Tools series. #1: 25: The 28 Best Web Design Tools. #26:

Best Social Media and Digitial Marketing Research and Statistics of 2011, Part 1


Get the details behind these stats and many, many more here in more than 40 of the best articles and blog posts about social media, search, budgeting and digital marketing research, facts and statistics of 2011 so far. 85% of B2B journalists are on Facebook.

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Best Random but Interesting B2B Marketing Posts, Articles and Resources of 2010


In this penultimate best-of-last-year post you’ll find a compendium of interesting, informative and valuable but difficult-to-categorize marketing-related articles and blog posts from 2010. The 10 Best Infographics for Internet Marketing Pros by Marketing Pilgrim. ** 5 Stars.

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Top 47 B2B Marketing Posts - Hot Topics Ning and Facebook - July 2010

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Best of B2B Marketing. Best SEO Link Building Guides, Tips and Tools of 2010 (So Far) - Webbiquity , July 14, 2010 Optimizing a website by incorporating keywords into page titles, headlines, text, page URLs, image alt tags and internal links will help improve the position of a site in the search engines—but it’s only half the battle. With over 20 years of direct marketing experience, Stephanie Miller is an expert on email marketing best practices. Ning (22).

Who Really Controls Your Marketing?


You can barely go a week without an update from Google, Facebook, Twitter, or one of the other digital channel operators that many brands use to amplify their marketing efforts.

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Associations Social Media Opportunity


I received a note that I had been accepted into the smchat ning group - a group that meets once a month for chats. I joined last week’s chat and thus signed up to the ning group. Browse My Stuff - aggregates together content from existing sources, relies on the members activity for social filtering to find the best stuff, and has wonderful long tail seo effects to bring more traffic. Jason Samuels Talks Facebook for Associations. Tags: Best

Content Marketing Ideas: Rethinking Blogging

Writing on the Web

A blog is still “The best darn content marketing tool on the planet!&# It’s not how you do it, what matters is that you do it effectively. I’ll do my best to help you learn a few tips, trends and tactics and have fun along the way. Share this on Facebook.

New Communication Tech and Work Literacy Presentation

Buzz Marketing for Technology

networking (facebook, bookmarking) LinkedIn, Ning). As knowledge workers we need practical skills, methods and tools that will improve our effectiveness and help us stay on top of our game. Being open to change and comfortable in taking risks with the best data at hand ï?® Facebook App. (beta). Browse. My Slidespace. Upload. Community. Widgets. Latest. |. Most Viewed. |. Most Embedded. |. Featured. |. Most Favorited. |. Most Downloaded. |.

Connecting 2 the World

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Therefore, I feel the third group, business and vocational schools and programs are the best initial audience for work literacies. One potential benefit to looking at this might be that the new technology tools currently available give learners the opportunity to choose the tool that will use their skills (intelligences) to the greatest effect while other tools might help to develop those skills (intelligences) that are not as strong. skip to main | skip to sidebar.

19 New Featured Sources on the B2B Marketing Zone


It provides b2b marketers, trade industry journalists, analysts and other subscribers with a single subscription point for all of the best thought leadership content in b2b marketing and PR. Writing on the Web ( Ning Advertorial Business Blogging Online Marketing Linkedin Landing Page ).

The FASTForward Blog " Managing Personal Knowledge: Setting a Foundation for Transformation? : Enterprise 2.0 Blog: News, Coverage, and Commentary

Buzz Marketing for Technology

I look at what Tom actually wrote and I think he nicely captures some of the organizational obstacles that will have to be overcome for organizations to effectively use enterprise 2.0 I think this book is one of the best treatments of how to empower knowledge workers and it covers what knowledge management should be. Facebook. Managing Personal Knowledge: Setting a Foundation for Transformation? by Bill Ives. May 2, 2007 at 2:45 pm. · · Filed under Enterprise 2.0.

Connecting 2 the World: Lessons learned from New Communication Technologies in Organziational Life

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I began the course design by breaking up New Interactive Technologies (New Communication Technologies for this course) into four categories dependent upon the intended use: communication (mobile communication technologies such as cell phones, pdas, video conferencing), information sharing (pod and vodcasting, visual information software, blogs, pageflakes), collaboration (wikis, groupware), and networking (facebook, LinkedIn, Ning). skip to main | skip to sidebar.

Ple - LTCWiki

Buzz Marketing for Technology

A PLE driven approach does not only provide personal spaces, which belong to and are controlled by the user, but also requires a social context by offering means to connect with other personal spaces for effective knowledge sharing and collaborative knolwedge creation." Social networking services Ning. The tools and processes which best connect with the manner in which people communicate and live their digital lives are conceivably those most likely to succeed. From LTCWiki.