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Making the Most of Modern-Day B2B Marketing Automation


A common challenge in the B2B demand generation world centers around the balance of automation and reporting software. Both of which are tools used in conjunction with your marketing campaigns, meaning your day is mostly full of software management instead of strategic planning. Why Marketing Automation?

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What is Marketing Automation and How Can It Support Your Lead Generation Efforts?

Launch Marketing

Making sense of marketing and engagement data is not easy. Especially when there are no tools available to store and organize this data. Before marketing automation, companies tracked data in various places. These challenges make it impossible to analyze their data to gauge marketing performance.


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Mastering MQL Lead Nurturing: A Comprehensive Guide 

Only B2B

In the ever-evolving world of B2B marketing, mastering the art of MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead) lead nurturing is akin to harnessing the wind – it propels your business forward. MQL lead nurturing is a multifaceted journey, a strategic masterpiece, and an essential facet of a successful marketing campaign.

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The Significance Of MQL For A B2B Marketer

Only B2B

As a result, it’s no wonder that most marketers emphasize only on generating as many leads as possible especially when it comes to lead generation rather than employing MQL. It entails reaching out to leads via a sequence of tailored messages given across many platforms, technologies, and interactions. How To Asses MQL?

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Why CRM and Marketing Automation Need Each Other


Having the best of both worlds is the feeling you have when your company's marketing automation software and CRM work in tandem. When the two software work together, your company will convert more MQLs to SQLs and make more sales. In fact, marketing automation software can increase sales productivity by 14.5%.

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The Real Cost of Duplicates in Your CRM/Marketing Automation Platform

Adobe Experience Cloud Blog

(“*Duplicates”—multiple records for the same person and/or company in CRM/Marketing Automation platforms.) A lot of marketing managers only become aware of the fact that they have a duplicate problem when they exceed the database limit listed in their marketing automation contract.

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How Professional Service Marketers use Marketing Automation Strategies to Succeed

Stevens & Tate

A comprehensive professional service marketing strategy can be time-consuming to not just develop and implement, but to monitor and maintain as well. It’s why many professional services use automation tools. Captured leads can’t be engaged right away if they’re not MQL or SQL qualified.