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Top 10 customer service software tools

Sprout Social

Customer service software is integral to any company’s tech stack today. Strong service leads to longer-term customers, positive word-of-mouth and a more productive team. But providing personalized and speedy service is easier said than done by hand. What is customer service software?

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What Is Vendor Sprawl?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

The big picture The average enterprise company uses more than 1,000 different applications across separate departments, which are often siloed, according to MuleSoft’s 2023 Connectivity Benchmark Report. This is known as vendor sprawl. It leads to lost revenue, lost time, extra work for IT workers, and more. Want to know more?


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What is marketing work management?


Marketing work management platforms help marketing leaders and their teams structure their day-to-day work to meet their goals on deadline and within budget constraints, all while managing resources and facilitating communication and collaboration. Click here to download! Ease and transparency of reporting.

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Win as one: Change management best practices 


A third of our sessions were led by our incredible Professional Services team of experts. In my role, I am fortunate to work closely with clients who are new to enablement and new to Seismic. Since our breakout session at Shift, the topic of change management has emerged more frequently.

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How B2B Intent-driven Data Solutions Are Changing the Business Game

Binary Demand

.” – By Carly Fiorina, ex CEO of Hewlett-Packard [ps2id id=’intro’ target=”/]Business data serves as the cornerstone for making well-informed decisions, crafting precise marketing strategies, and achieving overall success in the B2B realm.

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The Top 10 Marketing Attribution Software Solutions


It’s hard to deny that it is the biggest marketing concern in 2019. Especially, for B2B and Considered Purchase marketing. digital companies now have a veritable plethora of viable and effective marketing channels available for lead generation. So, what’s a marketer to do?! Especially, for lead generation.

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HR Software Selection Guide 2022?

TrustRadius Marketing

Your HR department must work smoothly so you can strengthen your company relationships. The right HR software solution can improve your workplace environment tremendously. The biggest issue is the software selection process and how to find one to meet your business needs. . What is HR Software?