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Marketing qualified lead: What is it really?


That’s where marketing qualified leads, or MQLs, come into play. You might be asking, “What exactly is an MQL?” “How How do you identify an MQL?” and “Why do MQLs matter?” This blog post covers all you need to know about MQLs—from definitions to strategies for converting leads into paying customers.

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How To Become An Expert At Generating MQLs!

Only B2B

Are your leads ready for market? The age-old conflict between sales and marketing appears to always come down to one thing: leads. While marketing teams have historically been judged on the amount of demand they drive, sales teams are frequently seeking for more quality prospects to sell to. Lead Scoring And MQLs.


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How Small Gifts Can Create Big Marketing Wins


A 2018 study by the University of Zurich found that even a small gift from a sales representative makes customers much more likely to make a purchase. In the study, reps gave customers six tubes of toothpaste — a trivial offering. What do we mean by “direct mail marketing”? Customer delight is the ultimate goal for any business.

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Using Marketing Data to Diagnose a Sales Problem

Sales Engine

Specifically, are dollars best spent on sales or marketing? And when taking a deep look at marketing results, we were a bit surprised that the data actually helped to diagnose asales problem. Examples of digital activity included website visits, email clicks, and content downloads. But how do you know where to invest?

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How Sales and Marketing Can Collaborate (+Expert Tips)


Marketing and sales teams rely heavily on one another to drive business. After all, it’s the marketing department that generates leads, and the sales team that converts those leads to paying customers. Table of Contents How can Sales and Marketing collaborate? Case studies. Training webinars.

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B2B Lead Generation 101

Only B2B

It is the primary goal of every marketing effort. You’ve definitely heard of lead generation and how entrepreneurs and marketers are all over it, maximizing its power and tailoring it to your exact specifications. Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs). Leads in the Middle of Funnel (MoFu).

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Marketing Funnel vs. Sales Funnel: A Complete Guide

Ledger Bennett

Have you ever wondered how sales and marketing fit together? What someone meant when they talked about the funnel? Well, we’ve put together a complete guide for you to learn all about the two different types of funnels we utilize daily. What is a Marketing Funnel? Marketing Funnel Stages: Top vs Bottom.