Top 12 Programmatic Advertising Trends for 2020 and Beyond

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Before 2020 comes knocking, here are 12 trends that will pave the path for new-age digital ad planning. Advertisers can expect more from their budgets, as programmatic in DOOH will allow targeted audience planning and buying, with increased efficiency, brand safety and measurement. The cellular bandwidth landscape is expecting a boost with the commercial launch of the 5 th generation of cellular mobile communications i.e. 5G.

A reminder that you live in the future


″ Lenovo ThinkPad x220 with an SSD drive because I need it all on one machine: perfect keyboard, cheap and long-lasting battery, cheap charging cable, durable case, biometric security, and a hard drive that can easily take a punch. I run a locked AT&T iPhone 5, an unlocked Nexus 5, and an unlocked Nexus 7 tablet and they all share the 10GB of bandwidth offered on AT&T’s family plan. Look around you.

Cable 169

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You must live tweet live events


megapixel photos may well be well-lit, hi-def, perfectly posed, and color-corrected, but they’re also planned, dull, and edited down to so few images that all you’re left with are some boring photos of some random “celebrity” at a dais, some sponsors, board members, and honored guests mugging in a huddle, some glad-handing photos, and maybe a snappy of plates of rubbery chicken on linen-festooned banquet tables.

How to start a streaming service like Netflix with zero coding

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Today we don’t need a cable connection to watch the latest television series or a particular movie on TV. Netflix offers different types of plans to suit your pocket and immediate online no-questions-asked cancellation. Planning to build an online video streaming platform, have a Netflix clone? One of the most important requirements is high-quality bandwidth. Make way television, online video streaming is here….

Ecommerce 101: What Is Ecommerce?

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Services like cell phone plans, cable, internet access, and video/music streaming services that individuals pay for online also fall into this category. cable, internet, streaming platforms). Not all businesses have the funds or bandwidth needed for this.

Live Video Marketing: Do?s, Don?ts and Experts? Tips From the Field


Pre-produced and edited clips, planned (but not overly scripted) packages interspersed throughout the programming will make the livestreaming more interesting. What’s changed is the technology, where enormous amounts of video data travel through broad bandwidths.

Field 87

Five SEM Highlights of 2018


Leading up to the April 23 repeal of net neutrality laws, users have taken to airwaves and fiberoptic cables to decry the dismissal of legislation that mandates impartiality of internet service and traffic. Without a doubt, 2018 has been quite a year for PPC advertisers and the SEM industry as a whole.

SEM 40

Net Neutrality: Others Are Mourning Its End, But Advertisers See A Silver Lining


Leading up to Trump’s April 23 repeal of net neutrality laws, users have taken to airwaves and fiberoptic cables to decry the dismissal of legislation that mandates impartiality of internet service and traffic, regardless of content or affiliation. Exploring the hundreds of different rates and plans that will open up. Leveraging the variety of free and unlimited bandwidth opportunities that will soon pop up. The Rise of Bandwidth Offers.

How to Achieve Stellar Alignment Between Marketing & Customer Support


2) Keep Your Support Team in the Loop With Marketing Plans. Whenever your marketing team is finalizing plans for a new announcement or promotion, it's crucial to keep your support department in the loop. Example: My roommate once called our cable company after seeing a new pricing promotion commercial. During our last marketing hack night , a support rep came and helped create and implement an entire marketing plan from ebook creation to email execution.