Improving E-Commerce Conversion Rates: How to Automatically Merchandise Your Content

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Balance between customer delight and business objectives must be struck, and this requires merchandising products that meet the needs and desires of the shopper, and contribute to the bottom line. It is black with a square digital face, GPS capabilities, and an alarm. Many merchandising teams still undergo this entire process by hand. Machine learning can take on every product and automatically merchandise your content.

The Ultimate Guide to Crowdsourcing


But this failed merchandising campaign had just jacked it up to suffocating. And after some deep reflection and analysis, he dug up a silver lining that would eventually lead to a multi-million dollar model for merchandise design. So rather than following the standard formula of merchandising -- which was designing products based off a whim, buying hoards of inventory, and then marketing them -- he broke conventional thinking by reverse-engineering the process.


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What Is Beacon Marketing?


More accurate than GPS, beacons enable real-time and more personalized “communication” with customers as they navigate spaces. Plus, the insights a brand gathers from tracking consumer in-store locations can be used to place merchandising and products.

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7 Innovative Ways Retailers Are Using Beacon Technology


For instance, Target uses beacon technology to create a "GPS for your shopping cart". Later, your phone pings again to tell you the jerseys in the merchandise shop are half-off. Imagine this -- you walk into a store and peruse the shoe display, and suddenly your phone pings. The same red heels you've been eying online are now on sale, 20% off, just for you. Shortly after, you need help finding the Nike backpack you saw online.

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Building an Audience Is Not a Chore: 5 Brands That Began with Content

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sold over $12 billion in toys and merchandise, according to Forbes , and that’s just products. I don’t know George Lucas personally, but I doubt he spent his 20s and 30s dreaming about how to improve lives with a Yoda-dictation GPS navigator. What is Star Wars, truly? Is it a film franchise? Or a great marketing and content strategy? The answer depends on whom you ask. My nine-year-old nephew would say it’s the best evolving narrative of all time.

The Ultimate Guide to the Internet of Things (IoT)


Once you arrive at the office, other sensors send the location of all nearby available parking spaces directly to your GPS. Smart transportation doesn’t just include self-driving cars and drones, sensors inside airplanes can alert maintenance crews of any issues, GPS apps can help safely navigate you to your destination, and IoT car sharing programs allow you to access a vehicle when you need one. IIoT allows business to quickly and precisely track their merchandise.