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4 ways to build a successful ABM strategy


Auseh Britt, vp of growth marketing at account-based marketing platform Terminus, recently hosted a webinar that discussed her organization’s 2021 State of Modern Marketing Report. The study polled over 1000 go-to-Market (GTM) teams — groups tasked with identifying the best ways to reach specific marketing. “It

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A Guide to ABM Funnel Metrics

SmartBug Media

Take a moment to imagine your ideal in-house marketing team. How is that dream team performing, and what are they achieving? Step back to reality and come to realize that many marketing teams are facing the same types of common challenges that prevent us from bringing this dreamworld to fruition. Planning Your ABM Strategy.


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The Essential Marketers Guide to B2B Demand Generation


59% of marketers attribute revenue growth to marketing-generated leads , so demand-generation tactics remain a non-negotiable among marketing teams. However, you need to freshen up your strategy to account for the needs and expectations of buyers in the current digital environment.

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How to turn the great buyer resignation into B2B career opportunities


Marketers play a large, proactive role in the buying-selling process to generate revenue across the entire buyer lifecycle – from generating a new customer, to contract renewal, to solution expansion and cross-sell/upsell. B2B marketing expert Tony Zambito calls this the “ Great Buyer Resignation.”

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Simplify ABM Campaigns with Terminus and HubSpot


Account-based marketing goes hand in hand with inbound marketing. By attracting high-value prospects and then using a targeted strategy to convert them into customers, marketing teams can improve conversion rates and customer acquisition costs (CAC).

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THE HACKIES: How to hack your CRM for ABM, switching from leads to contacts and accounts


When any organization endeavors to implement account-based marketing, there comes a point where their reporting framework must follow suit. Trying to run account-based marketing campaigns while continuing to plan, target, and report with leads quickly becomes counter-productive.

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The Science of Successful B2B Events

Martech Advisor

But for a well functioning marketing team, events should be a lead generating machine, where the real work is in tracking goals, account-based marketing, sales management and communication. The sales and account management team helped get people to the event as they had the best relationship with the prospects.