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I put in a brief but productive appearance at the DAMA International Symposium and Wilshire Meta-Data Conference running this week in San Diego. This is THE event for people who care passionately about topics like “A Semantic-Driven Application for Master Data Management” and “Dimensional-Modeling – Alternative Designs for Slowly Changing Dimensions”. As you might imagine, there aren't that many of them, and it’s always clear that the attendees revel in spending time with others in their field.

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Email Branding Tip to Increase Open Rates

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This is a quick post on a great tip from Stefan Pollard in hist post: Use Brand-Recognition Elements to Combat Inbox Triage. Stefan recommends putting your company name in the "view online" link at the top of your email. For example: "BEFORE : If you can't see the images in this e-mail, please click here to view this e-mail through your Internet browser. AFTER : If you can't see the images in your edition of Browning eBlast, please click here."

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After being part of a team launching a company this week and four new website design projects, plus my "regular" work of helping clients achieve superior online and offline marketing results, I need a short vacation getaway for some family time. So, the blog will take a brief time out. I'll be back to writing about social networking, interactive PR, SEO and SEM, and the usual stuff as soon as I make sure my clients are well taken care of for the moment.

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