The Only 2 Account-Based Sales Development Metrics You Need To Measure


In this blog, we’re going to focus on the SDR team and the only two account-based sales development metrics you need to be measuring (in addition to the sales development metrics you’re already measuring.) Account-Based Sales Development Metrics Account-based sales is on the rise.

6 Questions About Marketing Attribution That You Were Too Embarrassed To Ask


Attribution is marketing measurement software that connects marketing data to sales data with the primary goal of tying marketing efforts to downstream revenue. What is the deal with single touch and multi touch attribution? Single touch attribution uses a model that tracks a single touch in the customer journey and attributes 100% of the revenue credit to that touch. Single touch is the simplest form of attribution.


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6 Tips to Unify Sales and Marketing: Nail Your B2B Go-to-Market


Ultimately, Marketing and Sales teams will move as one , seamlessly sharing data and insights, coordinating every activity, and measuring everything that matters—from campaign performance to business impact so that every action is tied to Sales success. Go multi-touch, multi-channel.

Demand Gen vs. ABM Engagement Reporting -- Ranking Your Best Content


When there are so many ways to measure content success, how do you know which articles are the best? For most B2B marketers who are investing in content and an inbound marketing strategy, the primary measurement of success is based on lead or demand generation. To show the similarities and difference, we decided to take a look at our own marketing data and show how the blog posts shake out according to both ways of measuring success.

Demand 116

5 trade show marketing mistakes


The value of this data is its recency and accuracy, which is usually a problem with B2B data and lists. I’m sure the DMA knows how much each communication cost, but do they measure how much in total was spent on me to generate one registration? It is now incumbent for trade show marketers to measure across all communication channels to determine both the combination that worked, but also the total cost per registration. The U.S. trade show industry is BIG.

What is Account-Based Marketing? Everything You Need to Know


If you’re already doing ABM, skip down for tips, examples and information on ABM measurement. A successful account-based marketing strategy requires alignment between Sales and Marketing, thorough planning, well-timed execution, and comprehensive measurement. Indicators like key contacts interacting with your website, bottom of the funnel touchpoints, total number of contacts engaged, and recency of touchpoints, are all used to inform the score.

Mega-List of Features in Marketing Automation (That You Won’t Find in CRM)


Develop customer relationships, automate marketing programs, measure marketing ROI. Multi-touch Campaigns / Lead Nurturing This is the ability to automate “drip marketing” campaigns that send relevant messages over time, based on prospect behaviors and pre-defined campaign steps. Lead Scoring and Grading With lead scoring, you automatically qualify leads based on demographics and BANT criteria as well as specific prospect behaviors, including recency and frequency.

CRM 79

Marketer Showcase: Nick Robinson of SAP North America


From increasing conversion rates to measuring content performance, he has plenty of wisdom to share when it comes to nurturing a lead. What are your top performing pieces over the past year and what are the KPIs used to measure performance of those assets?