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Industrial Marketing Strategy Must Be Documented for the Best Results


Did you know 80% of successful content marketers have a documented content marketing strategy? In my experience working with manufacturers and industrial companies, too many are in a rush to pump out more content without a strategy in place. Table of Contents What is an Industrial Marketing Strategy?

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Top 10 Amazing B2B Marketing Trends to watch out for in 2020


Forrester predicts that progressive marketers will be more proactive in their engagement with buyers in 2020. There will be some groundbreaking changes in the ways the brands have been engaging with their audiences & driving them to sales. This has been amongst the prevalent B2B digital marketing trends in 2019.


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6 of the Hottest Trends in Marketing Automation You Need to Know


Check out this stat: Smart Insights in their survey of B2B marketers found that marketing automation has helped them improve user experience (according to 60% of respondents), lead quality (59%), lead quantity (57%), conversion rate (52%), and departmental alignment (21%). Are you among these techno-savvy marketers? Yes, it is.

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2024 B2B Demand Gen Strategies to Uplevel Your SaaS Marketing


The rise of inbound marketing focused on attracting potential customers through valuable content and building trust, perfectly complements the SaaS model. 72% of businesses plan to invest more in SaaS solutions, and 73% expect to increase their spending by at least 5%. Growing markets always breed more competition.

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How to Convert Marketing Qualified Leads to Sales Qualified Leads

Only B2B

You need a strategy and a detailed lead nurturing workflow to be able to convert marketing qualified leads to sales qualified leads and then to a buyer. Do you know developing an effective lead nurturing campaign is essential because according to MarketingSherpa 79% of marketing qualified leads never convert to sales?

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Five B2B Marketing Tactics to Survive and Thrive in a Recession


B2B marketers are working hard to execute effectively in the back half of 2022 and beginning their strategic planning for 2023, but they will have to work even harder and more efficiently than they are right now to thrive through the recession. Get crisp on your content strategy. Examine your content inventory.

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Why a Single Source of Truth Is a Huge Deal

Full Circle Insights

Modern notions of the “single source of truth” concept originated in the information system design world. A Single Source of Truth for Marketing and Sales. That’s why the company was built from the ground up on the principle that marketing data should reside in the CRM. Get Everyone on the Same Page.