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Sellers Have a New Challenge: To Ease an Increasingly Difficult Buying Journey


NAVIGATE YOUR SALES FORCE AWAY FROM ADDING TO BUYER FRICTION If your sales force is stuck on selling to buyers, they are adding friction to a buyer journey that is already challenging enough. Sellers complicate buyer’s lives when … They push their solution before buyers fully understand their pains.

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Optimize your B2B e-commerce customer journey: a guide

Sana Commerce

When we compare the buying experience between two B2C customers, they will probably have different tastes and preferences when it comes to product SKUs and payment methods, but in this case the customer journey requires very little differentiation between customers. Specific B2B requirements Most B2B processes have unique needs.


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Fall 2021 Release: Rewriting the rules of buyer engagement


In our Fall 2021 release , we’ve announced several new capabilities that make it easier for sellers to deliver engaging digital experiences to their customers and prospects throughout their buyer journeys. Today, buyers are nearly 50-60% through the buyer’s journey before they engage with a sales team.

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The Power of AI in Sales & 5 Ways You Can Use It


AI can assist with a number of sales functions, including: Adapting quickly to buyer needs. Teams can more quickly adapt to increased buyer sophistication and changing buyer journeys. Sales engagement consists of all buyer-seller interactions within the sales process — from initial outreach to customer onboarding.

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Interactive Content: Capabilities that transform buyer experiences


Today’s buyers expect brands to deliver personalized content experiences at every touchpoint of their journey with your brand, from awareness all the way through to purchase. To meet buyersneeds we’re introducing two new features that reimagine sales content as differentiated, engaging, and buyer-driven experiences.