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B2B Lead Quality: Guide to Reducing Lead Rejections and Accelerating Sales

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But with mounting pressure to demonstrate impact through hitting MQL targets, it’s easy for B2B marketers to overlook quality and become fixated on the latter. For example, leads matching your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) demonstrating a high propensity to purchase will not only accelerate your sales cycle and win more revenue.

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Marketing and Sales: What are the strategies and tools to help these teams work together?


We all know that closing deals requires input from different internal teams to make sure that your business is matching your prospect’s expectations, and also to ensure that you’re providing the best customer journey possible. These two teams are usually Marketing and Sales. And here’s the connection with Sales.


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Sales Lead Generation: 8 Tips to Sharpen Your Strategy


Both our sales and marketing teams live and breathe this ideology. Why Generating Sales-Ready Leads Is a Challenge. You want to assume that those 60 people have raised their hand, and therefore, are ready to speak to sales and explore a purchase. Or, maybe a sales rep who wants to sell your company on their product.

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Experimentation in B2B Marketing Is Hell. Here’s How to Fix It


Experimentation in B2B marketing is much harder than in B2C, greatly because of the long sales cycle and its implications. In a long sales cycle, the metrics most closely correlated to revenue are lower-funnel metrics. It might mean an entire lost sales cycle! Here’s why.

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B2B SEO vs B2C SEO: The True Breakdown and Comparison

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The sales cycle in B2B is often much longer than that of B2C. B2B SEO campaigns are usually tailored to drive online conversions, moving customers through the funnel. These marketing qualified leads continue through the funnel into sales qualified leads and ideally turn into closed deals. What is B2C SEO?

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Creating Sales and Marketing Alignment: Four Questions Answered

Launch Marketing

Sales and marketing alignment unifies the macro perspectives of marketers and the direct relationships that sales teams have with customers and prospects. With B2B leaders everywhere striving for sales and marketing alignment in their organizations, one may wonder how sales and marketing teams become so misaligned in the first place.

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41 Execs Discuss Key B2B Marketing Metrics to Watch in 2018


This is amplified in the B2B marketing arena where longer sales cycles and multiple touchpoints across a range of different channels make KPI selection and attribution much more complex. . This is evident by the number of B2B companies who are still unable to answer the most critical sales and marketing performance questions. . .