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Know Your Numbers: The Top Metrics for B2B Inbound Marketing


Unfortunately, there’s a lot of confusion among marketers today about what numbers are the most important to track. The huge expansion of the marketing technology sphere over the last decade has led to the creation of all kinds of statistics that may or may not be relevant to your business.

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Improving B2B Marketing Conversion Rates with SLAs


If all things – like Marketing budget, for example – stay the same, you’ll want to increase your conversion (the how) to positively impact higher-level metrics (the what). . Conversely, if a site visitor downloads a white paper you have two SLAs. Gross profit per user. Conversion, of course, is a bit of both.


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New Gartner Report Examines Why Predictive Intelligence Is a Must Have for B2B Marketers


In their March Tech Go-to-Market report, Gartner notes that “predictive lead scoring is now a “must have” for B2B technology marketing leaders with high volumes of leads from inbound channels and events.” We believe this change in analysis is driven by widespread adoption and planned future investment in predictive intelligence.

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10 Things to Do When Marketing Spend is On Hold

The Point

Lead to MQL) and identify emails or even entire tracks that might need a refresh. Corporate blogs are some of the most neglected marketing assets in a company’s arsenal. With the right design, frequency, and content, however, a blog can be a key driver for SEO and lead generation. Fix your blog. Update your resource center.

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How to Convert Marketing Qualified Leads to Sales Qualified Leads

Only B2B

Do you know developing an effective lead nurturing campaign is essential because according to MarketingSherpa 79% of marketing qualified leads never convert to sales? MQL vs SQL. Marketing Qualified Leads are in their early phase of buyer journey. How to qualify a lead as MQL or SQL? Do they fit in your ideal client type?

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Doomed to Fail: B2B Content Marketing Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them


Content marketing is a long-term game, so without a definition of success, clear KPIs, and constant course correction from up-to-date data, even Pulitzer-prize-worthy content will fail to deliver the desired results. Once you’ve set your goals and KPIs and you know what you want to achieve, you can begin to plan your strategy.

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Why a Single Source of Truth Is a Huge Deal

Full Circle Insights

Modern notions of the “single source of truth” concept originated in the information system design world. With reports generated in the de facto revenue reporting system, marketing leaders can demonstrate their department’s contribution to the value creation chain. White Papers. Build vs Buy Marketing Analytics.