BANT Criteria in a Buyer-Centric World? No More


Everyone in sales and marketing knows what BANT stands for – Budget, Authority, Need and Timeframe. Is BANT still meaningful in 2016? The ways in which buyers buy is fundamentally different today than when BANT was first introduced. Blog BANT Lead management

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BANT May Not Work in Qualifying Leads for Industrial Sales

Industrial Marketing Today

Sales people have been using BANT (Budget, Authority, Needs, and Timing/Timeframe) criteria to qualify leads and prospects for a long time ever since IBM first coined that acronym. Industrial Lead Generation BANT Industrial Marketing leads for industrial sales

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BANT for Lead Qualification Just Won’t Work


About two years ago I wrote a blog post on Why BANT No longer applies for B2B Lead Qualification. Given the environment in which we live as B2B Marketers, BANT (Budget, Authority, Need and Timeframe) is not a trustworthy indicator of the qualification status of the leads. In addition to the reasons I stated back in 2012, let me add a few more to those who still may have an issue with striking BANT from their lead qualification process.

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Lead Gen: A proposed replacement for BANT

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I suspect marketers do so because they have heard about “BANT qualified leads” and apply these criteria to Web forms. For the uninitiated, BANT is an acronym: B = Budget. It’s time to move BANT methodology into retirement. Lead qualification in a post-BANT world.

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BANT: Is it Still a Useful Tool for B2B lead Qualification?

Great B2B Marketing

I just read, and commented on, a thought-provoking article titled Lead Gen: A proposed replacement for BANT. Written by David Green, the premise of the piece is that the BANT formula, for the most part, is no longer relevant. To refresh your memory, BANT stands for Budget, Authority, Need and Timing. BANT has another virtue in that it gives the marketing and sales departments a good way to measure their B2B lead generation success.

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Why BANT No Longer Applies for B2B Lead Qualification


The goal for the majority of our programs was to have our telemarketers qualify names, gather some information and qualify these prospects by the famed BANT (Budget, Authority, Need, Timeframe) criteria. We were quite successful in developing these programs for our clients and the leads were graded based on the answer to the BANT questions. a more “modern” way of marketing that makes BANT no longer effective for several reasons. BANT is dead.

Using BANT for Lead Qualification

Sales Intelligence View

A popular approach to making sure a lead is qualified and ready for an Account Executive is using BANT: Budget, Authority, Need, Timing. Unfortunately, there is no silver bullet to lead scoring in B2B marketing.


B2B Marketing: Why Marketing shouldn’t promise BANT qualified leads for Sales

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The approach is dubbed BANT. Let’s start by creating a common language for lead qualification that makes more sense than BANT. With all due respect to Ardath, I have interviewed hundreds of elite salespeople and have rarely heard any of them demand BANT criteria. Unless Marketing owns an inside sales operation (and few marketing teams do), delivering BANT leads is completely impossible. Marketing can’t deliver BANT leads without an inside sales operation.

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BANT is Bunk, BS and Irrelevant - per Ardath Albee


I really liked Ardath Albee’s blog on July 9, 2013— Why BANT is Bunk for Today’s B2B Buyer and not just because I agree with most of what she says. BANT is among the reasons leads passed by marketing are considered low quality. BANT hasn’t. ".SOME SOME OF THE BANT CRITERIA FOR YOUR HOTTEST LEADS WILL LIKELY BE MISSING.". Need: “This one is probably the most valid of the BANT criteria for without it there’s no possibility of making a sale.

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BANT - It's Not Always The Lead Score

Smashmouth Marketing

I woke up this morning to these three tweets relating to @nivenor1 's recent market2lead blog post titled: The SCOTSMAN vs. BANT for Effective Lead Management nivenor1 : New post about BANT vs. The SCOTSMAN on our blog [link] , now its off to Guatemala for 10 days! Ahhhhh brianjcarroll : Read post by @nivenor1 : SCOTSMAN vs. BANT for Effective Lead Management asserts "BANT" isn't enough. link] mark3803 : @brianjcarroll BANT is so sales 1.0 - Sales 2.0

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BANT - It's Not Always The Lead Score

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I woke up this morning to these three tweets relating to @nivenor1 's recent market2lead blog post titled: The SCOTSMAN vs. BANT for Effective Lead Management. nivenor1 : New post about BANT vs. The SCOTSMAN on our blog [link] , now its off to Guatemala for 10 days! brianjcarroll : Read post by @nivenor1 : SCOTSMAN vs. BANT for Effective Lead Management asserts "BANT" isn't enough. mark3803 : @brianjcarroll BANT is so sales 1.0 - Sales 2.0

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BANT isn’t sufficient: A new framework for qualifying your leads


Are you still under the impression that Budget, Authority, Need, Timeframe (BANT) lead qualification is the only way to go? There used to be a time when BANT was the “be all, end all” in regards to lead qualification. However, there’s something you need to know: BANT is dying. This is why BANT is no longer good enough. A New BANT. Although BANT may be a thing of the past, it doesn’t mean you’re out of luck.


BANT Isn't Enough Anymore: A New Framework for Qualifying Prospects


A long time ago, IBM revolutionized sales with the introduction of BANT. Salespeople could quickly identify a problem through a good well-delivered positioning statement, confirm the prospect''s interest in fixing it, qualify on BANT, and schedule a presentation.


Do You Have Zombies in Your Sales Pipeline?

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If BANT is required to move an opportunity out of Qualify have fields for the rep to capture BANT on the opportunity record. by contributor | Tweet this Editor’s Note: Today’s post comes courtesy of Mike McKinnon, Sr.

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How to Refine Your Sales Methodology


Bob’s view: Traditional lead qualification, such as the over simplified BANT criteria (Budget, Authority, Need and Timeframe) are inadequate to reflect the dynamics of today’s complex buying process. And, if you want to talk about why you should not use BANT or ANUM to qualify leads, let me know ( ) or ask a question and I will respond promptly. Bob Apollo from Inflexion-Point Strategy Partners recently sent me three whitepapers to review and comment on.

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How Much Does A Lead Cost? [Infographic]

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Custom questions like BANT (see below) have the greatest impact on cost (45% increase in CPL). What is BANT? BANT is a common lead scoring technique of seeking to determine if a prospect has the B udget, A uthority, N eed and a define T imeframe for making a decision to buy a solution.

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The Perfect Lead


Those of us at PointClear do not believe in the alphabet soup of acronyms such as BANT, ANUM and the granddaddy of all acronyms, MAN. BANT (Budget, Authority, Need, Timeframe). While I like this one better, it still includes money and for the same reason I object to the word “budget” in BANT, I object to ANUM. Merriam-Webster defines the holy grail as: “an object or goal that is sought after for its great significance.”


What Is The Cost Of A Lead?

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Refresher Course On BANT? If you don’t know what BANT is, BANT is a common lead scoring technique of seeking to determine if a prospect has the Budget, Authority , Need and a specific Timeframe for making a decision to buy a solution.

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Hey Marketing: An Inquiry Is Not A Lead

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The most common definition of a lead comes from IBM who developed the BANT system years ago. To make it easy, just assign a score to each of the criteria in BANT. Marketing Qualified Lead: BANT qualified.

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PowerMinute: How to Establish a Meaningful Lead Definition


If you are using BANT (Budget, Authority, Need, and Timeframe) to define a sales-ready lead, it’s time to STOP! BANT is an outdated methodology responsible for more lost opportunities than your CEO and CFO care to hear. Truth is, many companies buy solutions that have never been budgeted. Because the value of the solution has not yet been realized by the buyer. Enterprise companies can’t assign authority for a purchase when the solution has not yet been imagined.

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Is Your Lead Generation Strategy Broken?


One such method, BANT, can result in more lost opportunities that than CEO’s and CFO’s care to believe. A BANT qualified lead requires that the lead has a budget in place, the authority, need and a specific timeframe.

How to Establish a Meaningful Lead Definition


Finally, the alphabet soup of lead qualifying criteria such as BANT and ANUM are not the solution to the problem. For most high dollar, strategic selling, BANT and ANUM disqualify companies based on the lack of timeframe and/or budget – a huge mistake that will allow more agile competitors to get in early, solidly position themselves while you are waiting around and too late to have any shot at competing.

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B2B ABM: Seven Sales & Marketing Tips for 2017 - Tip #2 Should Marketing and Sales Agree on the Definition of a Lead?


Per Bob Apollo , simple formulas such as “BANT (Budget, Authority, Need and Timeframe) are inadequate to reflect the dynamics of today’s complex buying process. Should marketing and sales agree on the definition of a lead? They should, but mostly don’t.

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All Real Salespeople Love Sales Leads (but there is a tiny caveat)


In spite of what Mike Damphousse ( Green Leads ) said recently in his blog BANT is Dead -- Find the Authority , salespeople need information such as B udget, A uthority, N eed and T ime frame to judge if an inquiry is really a lead and should therefore be followed up. Mike says BANT is dead in lead generation and he couldn’t be further from the truth. The value of inquiries is initially judged by the amount of BANT information they contain.

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The Value of a Qualified Lead

Lead Liaison

Hopefully, a bit of additional qualifying info such as: do they have a budget, are you talking to someone with the authority to make this purchase, and what is their time-frame for the need (classic “BANT” criteria ). As salespeople we are all excited about what we do, that’s why we do it.


Lead Qualification: The Secret Sauce of B2B Lead Generation Marketing


In large enterprise marketing, the most common criteria have traditionally been around a concept known as BANT, or budget, authority, need and timeframe. These days, BANT is passé, thanks to changing B2B buyer behavior. Photo credit: Gerard Stolk (vers la réunification).

Inbound Marketing: Are You Attracting Quality Leads?

B2B Marketing Traction

IBM had an acronym for this, called BANT, which stands for Budget, Authority, Need and Timeline. A recent study showed that Inbound Marketing generates 54% more leads than outbound marketing campaigns. Sure, more leads sound great, but how do you make sure they are qualified?

Only B2B - Untitled Article

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While explicit information deals with budget, authority, need, timeline etc (basically the BANT ); implicit information deals with actions: page views, downloads, providing contact information etc. How to rock your lead scoring system using these 3 best practices.


Only B2B - Untitled Article

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BANT system. We have used BANT (Budget, Authority, Need and Time) system for several of our clients and the results are always impressive. How to know whether your lead is “qualified” enough to be a sales qualified lead? Let’s begin by understanding a few basics.


6 Steps To A More Successful B2B Sales Approach

The Forward Observer

When qualifying, follow the popular GPCT and BANT approaches: Goals – Try to get quantitative goals. Most failed sales opportunities don’t have good answers for GPCT and BANT. Are you adjusting to the changing way B2B prospects are buying? They want to learn but not be pitched.

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There Is No Vending Machine For Marketing Qualified Leads

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Qualify potential prospects BANT, or budget, authority, need and timing, is still the standard for lead qualification, although many companies are successfully predicting elements of BANT qualification using behavior (certain types of content downloaded, questions asked, etc).

How to Prioritize Your Best B2B Leads


There are several ways to help you determine the best leads for your marketing team such as the so-called the BANT (budget, authority, need, and timing) and CHAMP (challenges, authority, money, and prioritization) frameworks. BANT and CHAMP are traditional lead qualification methods that form a systematic criteria, which you can use to determine the “quality” of a sales lead. However, that doesn’t make classic methods like BANT and CHAMP ineffective.


Lead Nurturing and the Inside Sales / Telesales Role


They may be qualifying, using a BANT process, opportunities that have been created through marketing programs — something one of my partners refers to as “waterboarding to BANT.” We are working with several clients to help them improve their lead nurturing program to deliver a higher volume and quality of sales ready leads to the outside sales team.

Lead Nurturing, a Pipeline Full of Bluebirds


That beautiful lead that flies in our door, sales ready, BANT-confirmed, with authority to buy now – and does. Let’s consider The Bluebird. Out of our control, out of nowhere. .

How to Define Your Nurture Marketing Audience

Marketing Action

Using demographic data or BANT (budget, authority, need, and timing) data is the traditional way to define an audience; however, fewer than 20% of B2B buyers go through a formal buying process, which renders traditional methods ineffective.

More Evidence That Waiting Even 5 Seconds to Contact a New Sales Lead Can Be Disastrous

The Point

In my experience, most of the mental energy and strategic thinking around the practice of lead nurturing and lead management is usually applied to the goal of accelerating prospects through the sales process – from MQL to SQL, from SQL to Opportunity, and so on.

Software Buying Has Changed: Are You Ready?

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Quantify Business Value and ROI Second, the budget part of BANT is no longer a key qualification criteria, as today purchases are almost as likely to be unbudgeted vs. a designated line item.

The New Sirius Decisions Waterfall (and New B2B Marketing Acronyms)

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Inquiries that are not scored through behavior can be routed through telequalification, providing more traditional BANT (Budget, Authority, Need, Timing) qualification.

3 Mistakes Field Marketers Make (And, How to Avoid Them)

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BANT Criteria : Lead qualification guidelines of B udget, A uthority, N eed, T imeline. BANT criteria helps the sales team determine if the lead has the propensity to buy. Author: Stacey Thornberry We all make mistakes. Really.

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The Very First Step To Take For Better Quality B2B Sales Leads

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And to further define your lead definition, think about where your prospect fits in the buying process by analyzing their BANT (Budget, Authority, Need and Timeline): Budget – can the leads afford your product or service? Sure, you're generating sales leads, but are they good leads?