Problems with "Naked" CRM Systems


Ardath Albee of Einsof has released a new e-book titled " Why Naked CRM Systems Don't Work." Einsof's solution is to properly "dress" your CRM system with an interactive sales portal. Because, while Einsof has developed a base of reusable core code, each customer solution is heavily customized. In short, Einsof's business model is built around service rather than application sales.

New B2B Lead Generation Report from RainToday


Ardath Albee , CEO of CRM extension firm Einsof and creator of the Marketing Interactions blog : use customer stories to create meaningful messages for your prospects and apply context to the value your product or service provides. The professional services experts at RainToday have just released a free report, The One Piece of Advice You Can't Generate Leads Without—From 10 Experts on B2B Lead Generation.


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WMC Interviews: Ardath Albee


Ardath Albee (AA): Before founding Marketing Interactions, I was the president of Einsof , Inc., Funnily enough, my background prior to Einsof is about as non-techie as you can get. AA: I transitioned into technology to help my sister found and grow Einsof. I helped many Einsof clients with their online content, and, largely because of the reception and interest in my Marketing Interactions blog, decided to make strategic communications a full-time endeavor in early 2007.

Awards Are Nice, but Relationships Rule


And there's Kelly Allan , operations and marketing consulting expert at Kelly Allan Associates ; Yvonne DiVita , author, speaker, blogger , and diva of smart marketing to women online; Mike Schultz , a brilliant marketing of professional services at ; Jay Lipe , author, consultant, and head of Emerge Marketing ; and Ardath Albee , president of CRM extension software developer Einsof.

B2B Lead Management Market Heats Up

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4) “Pure play” lead management – this group is lead by Eloqua , but there are a LOT of firms throwing their hat into this ring including Vtrenz, Hubspot, Manticore, Market2Lead, Marketo, LoopFuse, einsof, iHance, Precience, among many others. Talk to Kim Albee at einsof, Jeff Ernst at Kadient (formerly Pragmatech), or the folks at who manage Salesforce Content.

Demandbase: A New Twist In The Lead Management Automation Market

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I would also put another group — one more focused on helping marketing align with, support, and enable sales: firms like BrightMarket, einsof, Longwood Software, and with their Saleforce Content offering, to name a few.