Sun.Jun 09, 2024

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[Research Round-Up] Insights From "The CMO Survey" and Nielsen's Annual Marketing Report

B2B Marketing Directions

(This month's Research Round-Up discusses some of the major findings found in the Spring 2024 edition of "The CMO Survey" and a set of interesting perspectives from the "2024 Annual Marketing Report" by Nielsen.) Source: Christine Moorman Spring 2024 edition of "The CMO Survey" A survey of 292 marketing leaders at U.S. for-profit companies 94% of the respondents were VP-level or above 62% of the respondents were with B2B companies Survey was in the field February 6 - March 5, 2024 "The CMO Surve

CMO 54
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Decoding the Application Tracking System (ATS) Features

Lake B2B

The evolution of new technologies has caused a dramatic transformation in the recruitment sector. The ATS, which is being used by 75% of companies today, is serving as a useful tool. This new technology is highly appreciated by job seekers who no longer have to make efforts to be employed.

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B2B marketing analytics: Your secret weapon for targeted campaigns

Sana Commerce

There are many marketing superpowers we’d like to have; the ability to stretch time, resources and budgets to name a few. But perhaps the most desired would be a portal to read our audience’s minds, knowing exactly what messages will resonate and how to solve their problems before they know they have them. While we can’t rely on a genie to grant us these wishes or gain clairvoyant abilities overnight, we do have access to a powerful tool: data-driven analytics.