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The Ultimate Guide to PPC


As a marketer, PPC is a skill that you should have in your toolbelt — or at least have a basic understanding of. This guide will help you grasp pay-per-click marketing in its entirety. When done right, PPC can earn you quality leads. When done right, PPC can earn you quality leads.

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PPC Isn’t Screwed — You Aren’t Doing It Right


PPC is dead.”. PPC is dying.”. PPC is still alive and well. No, not as many marketers are crazy about it as they once were. But some PPC experts are still making a killing for their ecommerce businesses, DTC brands, and Shopify stores. We’ve collected 30 Shopify PPC optimization tips from them to help you win.

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Lead Generation Case Study: 7 Examples of Success

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Strategy: Optimize Digital Strategies Instead of relying on a traditional lead gen process, we implemented digital strategies that optimized sales funnel marketing. We focused on two core digital marketing strategies: search engine marketing and social media advertising. So, what needed to change?

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Making Sense of Marketing Acronyms: Part 1


LTV:CAC (Lifetime Value to Customer Acquisition Cost) Basically, the money you make from keeping a customer long-term divided by the cost of getting them onboard. CPL (Cost Per Lead) The cost of finding your next potentially viable lead. If you made $2, but spent 1, you have a ROAS of 2x.

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Best Paid Search Marketing Agency in 2022: Top 10 Choices

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With so many PPC agencies claiming to be the best, finding an experienced, reputable, results-driven one for your business is always challenging. In this guide, I will not only provide a curated list of the top ten choices, but I will help you select the best paid search marketing agency for your business. Let's begin.

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17 Cheapest Ad Networks for Best PPC Conversions in 2024

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Whether you’re a seasoned PPC advertiser or you’re just getting started, there’s always room to explore alternative ad channels to grow your business, and often the cheapest ad networks are overlooked. While Google Ads may remain the most popular PPC network, it’s also among the most expensive. In this article, we’ll help you decide.

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The Big List of Content Marketing Acronyms


CPL: Cost-per-Lead. Calculate how much it costs to secure a new lead by using a simple formula: marketing spend / total new leads = cost-per-lead (CPL). The higher the CVR, the lower the cost-per-lead (CPL). PPC: Pay-per-Click.