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E-Commerce Content Marketing Strategies That Don't Involve Discounts

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Gaining the trust of new or prospective customers depends on specific content marketing strategies that fit your company and customer demographics. With most strategies, some type of incentive that intrigues and converts customers is necessary, but not all incentives work as well from company to company. Condition the customer.

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The Ultimate Guide to Price Optimization


The right pricing can make or break a business. Copying your competitors might mean starting a price war, but making a guess could leave you balking at abysmal sales numbers. That said, price optimization isn't simple. It requires research to understand both your customers and your business. Price Elasticity of Demand.

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From My Tribe To Yours: A Holiday Gift Guide For Working Moms

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Source: Amazon, Expert Black Bundle. Source: Goop, The Goop Bundle. >> Source: Platejoy, Custom, on-demand meal plans and grocery lists. So, whether it’s a weekly, or monthly top to bottom clean, there will be peace and satisfaction that comes with being in a clean house. >> Coffee mug.