Why Hybrid Work Supports Mental Wellbeing for Employees


We’re going to see an increase in mental and emotional health resources,” said Dr. Emily Anhalt, co-founder and chief clinical officer at Coa , an online mental health and emotional fitness studio. ALEXA MEYER | CO-FOUNDER AND CEO OF COA.

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Why Compassionate Leadership Matters


I worked with a founder who tended to set impossibly harsh standards for himself,” said Dr. Emily Anhalt, a psychologist and co-founder of Coa , a mental health start-up. At Salesforce, Slack has made informal chats between direct reports, teams, and people of all levels a daily occurrence.

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Loneliness Is Bad for Business – How to Make Employees Feel More Together


Thirty-six percent of Americans report feeling serious loneliness, and 65% of people who switched to remote work during the pandemic said they felt more disconnected from their coworkers.

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