Why Hybrid Work Supports Mental Wellbeing for Employees


We’re going to see an increase in mental and emotional health resources,” said Dr. Emily Anhalt, co-founder and chief clinical officer at Coa , an online mental health and emotional fitness studio. Practices like meditation and yoga can offer balance and calm [Fizkes/Shutterstock]. “By

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Why Compassionate Leadership Matters


However, once we accept compassion as key to effective leadership, individual managers have to be in a place to practice it. Marketing agency leader Gina Rau practices this with virtual lunch tables.

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Loneliness Is Bad for Business – How to Make Employees Feel More Together


Organizations can also set up wellbeing messaging or reminders over Slack to help avoid loneliness by: Practicing self care and self compassion. Loneliness and isolation have become growing workplace concerns as more people work remotely for at least part of the week.

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