Sat.Jun 11, 2016

The Story of Wooden Nickel Shorts, a Parody Group with Takedowns of Google, Twilight & More

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Slingshot episodes are an every-other-week miniseries within the Unthinkable show. The goal is to profile people who create side projects that lead somewhere surprising. In this episode, Dan Milano shares the story of his sketch comedy channel Wooden Nickel Shorts. Listen and Subscribe Now: iTunes | SoundCloud | Stitcher Thank you to Rightside Shirts for supporting Unthinkable. […].

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Is Your Data-Driven Marketing Strategy Racist?

Content Standard

Do some brands let data decide too much? In an effort to efficiently roll out its free same-day delivery service to Prime members, Amazon used an algorithm to identify regions and locations where that service would be most profitable. In April, the company used these data-driven suggestions to begin services in neighborhoods in Boston, Chicago, New York City, and other major US cities. But other neighborhoods in those cities were excluded.