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But while today’s marketers and advertisers realize that mobile marketing should be a key component of their overall marketing mix and cross-channel strategy, they face significant hurdles to do it right. In fact, 85% of digital marketers say the biggest challenge to cross-channel marketing is customer data that’s spread across multiple channels. SMS click recency behavior is recorded at the individual level and can be used for advanced targeting.

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During the import process, it does calculations including RFM (recency, frequency, monetary value) scoring, Lifetime Value, response attribution, promotion profitability, and cross-purchases ratios between product pairs. It identifies duplicate records, choosing the survivor based on recency, RFM score or presence of an email address as the user prefers. Response attribution also occurs during the file update.

Marketer Showcase: Nick Robinson of SAP North America


From increasing conversion rates to measuring content performance, he has plenty of wisdom to share when it comes to nurturing a lead. The KPIs used to measure content performance are response rate, # of responses from target accounts, # of target titles which downloaded the assets.