Should You Outsource Content Marketing?


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7 Signs You Might Need Content Marketing Help

Content Standard

Your internal SMEs don’t have the bandwidth to contribute their own content. Successful brand-building doesn’t happen in a vacuum.

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Think You Can Make it Without a Content Team? Think Again.


While a keen SME will agree in principle to the idea of contributing a blog post here and a whitepaper there, their (presumably already stretched) bandwidth will dictate how able they are to complete a content asset within a specified timeline. So, you know you need to generate leads. You know you want to increases sales. And you know content is an increasingly critical ingredient in that equation; you get that content is hugely valuable.

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Content Community: The Key Roles and Responsibilities


SME: Some to contribute expertise towards content, but who’s not necessarily writing anything themselves. As we’ve seen thousands of times in the past, most brands will lean on freelance writers for two primary reasons: Bandwidth: A company simply needs someone to help meet requirements around content volume. 1 manager / editor / SME. “I want 10,000 tough guys, and I want 10,000 soft guys to make the tough guys look tougher!

6 Tips for Scaling Up Content Production without Sacrificing Quality

Single Grain

Expanding content means expanding your bandwidth first. Here are three models that work: Internal Brand Editors, Outsourced SME Copywriters. Consider contracting out content projects to Subject-Matter Expert (SME) copywriters. If you’ve already hired an intra-organization SME editor but they’re often time constrained to write promotional content, consider partnering with a content agency. Internal Editor, Insourced from SME Leadership.

What Types of Freelancers Do I Need for My Content Creation?


As you scale your content production, hiring freelancers to inform and execute the tasks your team doesn’t have the bandwidth for means you’re able to reach more goals, generate better-qualified leads and close those lingering sales.

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