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AI-powered martech releases and news: March 28


AI is turning out to be a huge help for startups, according to a new HubSpot report ( registration required). Here are some top-line findings: 86% of founders said the use of AI has helped their company’s GTM strategy. 74% say that AI has positively impacted their ability to upsell or cross-sell.

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Top 5 Visual Trends Shaping Marketing Strategies


As a result, designers and marketers are constantly experimenting with new aesthetics to create content that resonates with audiences and keeps them engaged long enough to turn them into loyal brand advocates. 2024 Visual Trends Marketers Need to Know About 1. Sometimes, that feedback is good, and other times, not so much.


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Driving effective enablement through blended learning


A: It’s like crafting a customized learning experience, recognizing that each person has unique preferences and learning styles. A blended approach leverages the strengths of in-person and digital methods to create a well-rounded and flexible onboarding or everboarding experience.

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Reinventing Search in an AI-First World


In the digital marketing landscape, search is experiencing a profound transformation driven by Generative AI. Traditional search engines are being transformed by AI technologies, with features such as AI-generated summaries and personalized recommendations revolutionizing how users interact with search results.

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How Marketers Can Connect With Generation Alpha

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Already showing signs of being a uniquely global and progressive group, marketers will need to figure out how to connect with the most sophisticated audience yet. What’s next for generative AI and marketing? They’re digital and they’re social, in terms of the influence channels.

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How review management helps brands

Sprout Social

But it can be time-consuming and often overwhelming, especially when you’re struggling to keep up with reviews on different platforms. Review management is the process of monitoring, responding to and using customer feedback across different online platforms. What is review management? Use this information to your advantage.

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130+ Examples of Lead Magnet Headlines That Will Make People Click


The Essential X: Top [things] That Every [audience] Needs The Essential 8: Top Reports That Every Marketer Needs The Essential 27: Items Every Unicorn Lover Needs The Essential 21: Things Every Die-Hard Fan Needs to Know 5. blank] Generator Instant Blog Topic Generator Wedding Color Palette Generator Funny Insult Generator AI Prompts 35.