Marketo Releases Marketo Lead Management 3.0


additional profile is requested as a prospect moves through an interactive process); Native integration with ; Web visitor profiling; and Automated duplicate lead removal.

Manticore Offers A Lower Cost Alternative For Online Lead Generation

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That is, it can generate outbound emails, build customized landing pages for email response, track behavior of Web site visitors, and execute multi-step lead nurturing campaigns with logical branching depending on prospect behavior. Both products integrate with (and Eloqua with several others). Otherwise, what Prospect Builder clearly does is maintain profiles of visitor behavior (emails received, Web pages viewed, etc.)

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Demand Generation Vendor Traffic Rankings

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Note: after I posted this, it was pointed out to me that the bulk of traffic on several sites relates to customer log-ins rather than marketing prospects. I don't know whether this particular nuance makes the Alexa rankings a less useful indicator of market presence, but it probably means the figures relate more to existing customers than prospects. Judging from the press releases on their Web site, this may be due to a new release last October that added integration.

First Look at New Marketo Release

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Major themes were greater access to detailed information, more precise targeting, and tighter integration with In Fernandez’ view, this reflects a fundamental philosophical difference from his competitors: Marketo sees marketing as reacting to prospect-initiated behaviors, not executing company-driven interaction paths. In Marketo, each campaign is a relatively small, self-contained sequence of steps that is triggered by a particular prospect need.

Demandbase: A New Twist In The Lead Management Automation Market

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I worry that this tool only ends up helping sales pick out cold calls to make, and is not used by marketers enough to segment, collect, and improve their prospecting databases. Or disagree with the list…) On the other side, I see solutions more oriented toward marketing and enabling a “pull” model, one focused on letting prospects engage at their own pace. Synchronizing prospect and opportunity databases is key.