Sun.Jul 07, 2024

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Why You Should Think Beyond Surveys for Original Research

B2B Marketing Directions

In my last post , I described where B2B marketers should look when attempting to find topics for thought leadership content. There's no longer any doubt that high-quality thought leadership content has become a critical component of effective marketing at many B2B companies. Numerous research studies have identified the characteristics that make thought leadership content persuasive.

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Harnessing the power of marketing data: Where to find it, what you have and how to use it effectively

The Lead Agency

Data makes the world go around. In and out of marketing, it’s now the sense check for every business decision (or should be). It tells us who buys our things, how they are bought, and what those customers care about. Then, when we appeal to them, we capture their data, and its value continues. There [.