I was a teenage Russian troll OG


” or any remote hint of getting called out astroturfing or not clearly and transparently representing who you are, your true name, your true identity, and your paid-by connection or a brand, political campaign, upcoming movie, or whatever, our entire newsroom full of trolls would be commanded to stop by the our Chief Operation Office: “logout of everything you’re on right now and await further instructions!”

Not all integrations are created equal: 4 layers of app integrations with SaaS platforms


I’d like to propose a framework for evaluating the depth of an integration between an app and a cloud platform as follows: This model considers integrations on four levels, starting at the bottom with integrating data and working our way up to governing the collection of apps being integrated: Data : passing fields, records, or other packets of information between systems. Governance is how the collection of apps that we’ve integrated are managed.