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B2B Social Media – 10 Tips From The Definitive Guide To Social Media

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We know it’s a necessary tool for seed nurturing and demand generation , but in many cases, B2B marketers are still not sure where to begin. Develop linkbait & use anchor text links. 4. Facebook 101. DO use Facebook status updates to include powerful tidbits of information, similar to Tweets. Add a human touch.

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How to Make B2B More Exciting: Experts Weigh In

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All our experts agreed that good branding and a professional presence goes a long way in making your content both easy to read and appealing to users. Experiment with different media types and ways for users to interact with you online. JORDAN: Not recently, but in the past quizzes have been viral hits on social media.

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14 Unique Types of Content Every Marketer Should Try


Funny cartoons that are relatable to people in your industry are sure to garner you more social shares than the average text update -- and they'll stick around on the web longer, likely generating some valuable inbound links and traffic as a result. And, don't tell anyone we told you this, but they make excellent linkbait!