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Reinventing the digital experience platform


Stitching those disparate products together to create a unicorn solution is an integration partner’s dream but, in too many cases, a CMO’s nightmare. Then came the headless CMS, a back-end-only solution that stores content and distributes it via RESTful API. However, along with all the hype, there’s some confusion.

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CMS predictions: What to watch for in the year ahead


Soon it will be hard to tell if our first-line support is human or robot. CMS platforms with multi-site capabilities like Progress® Sitefinity® offer the connectivity and integration capabilities needed for these digital portals. Security and privacy will improve with distributed processes and information.

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How to Build a Content Strategy


After pre-defining business and marketing goals, your content strategy delves into planning, creating, distributing, and measuring every form of content against those goals. Your content strategy should support potential customers on both sides of the spectrum. Butter CMS : Supports over 20 programming frameworks and languages.