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A Primer on Website Visitor ID and Smart Form Technology for Lead Generation


Taking it to the next level, tools and platforms exist that cross-reference the IP visitor with company ID if known, and in the case of a web form, prospect ID. But again, this information is tied to a company visit; not a user visit.

Abandon Your Marketing Automation System!?


The plan is to go back to using only with some cheap add-on tools for email, form submission and data quality. This changed over time: now the focus has shifted to pro-active outreach to a handful of executives, instead of targeting thousands of software developers. the split between Leads and Contacts), but many 3rd party tools are addressing these weaknesses. I’m working on an interesting project right now: moving away from a marketing automation system.

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Capture Website Visitors To Know Who Has Been Visiting - They Might Be Qualified Leads

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How about the more casual visitors who are interested in reading about your offering or company but perhaps not warmed up enough to fill in any information. Netfactor’s Visitor Track – Web Leads Technology is one forerunner in this field and helps capture visitors to your company website and also translate which company they are from. I am the CEO of netFactor.

B2B Lead Management Market Heats Up

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There are four primary buckets of technology solutions aimed at solving the “how do I make lead generation activities more effective?” There are at least 4 amorphous groups of solution providers also setting their sights on this space: 1) Lead generation services or tools – Because this category contains both service providers (that look more like agencies or telesales outsourcers) and software as a service vendors, there are probably more than I could possibly name.