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It also includes Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.), Lately, most vendors have added features to monitor anonymous traffic your site (the most recent announcements: Pardot , Marketo , Eloqua ). Hubspot - an early Inbound Marketing evangelist - is one of them, and so are Enquisite , Raven and SEOMoz (probably I’m forgetting at least a dozen vendors, so feel free to leave a comment). But there are also integrated tool suites, like Hubspot and Raven.

New Research Finds Use of Video Accelerating in B2B with 71 Percent Reporting that Video Converts Better than Other Content Types


By every measure —lead creation, conversions, SERP ranking, time on page, likes, shares and any other form of engagement—video’s power to inform and persuade is unmatched,” says Jeff Loeb, CMO at Vidyard.