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Growth Marketing: How to Generate a Marketing Plan Using AI

B2B Digital Marketer

Growth marketing is all about using technology and experimentation to develop a marketing strategy that is tailored-fit to the right audience. With the abundance of tools and information today, growth marketing has become the new way of doing marketing. But what exactly is growth marketing?

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Marketer of the Month Podcast – The Logistics of Revenue Driven, Quality Focused and Automated Marketing with’s Director of Growth


About our guest: Phil Gamache has been a Demand-Gen Manager, a Marketing Automation Manager, a Marketing Director, a Marketing Technology Instructor, a Marketing Ops Manager and a Director of Growth Marketing. And one of them was like spending a full year at an agency and I loved it.


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44 Best SaaS Tools for Businesses in 2023

accelerate agency

There are numerous SaaS tools on the market right now, and odds are, you probably already use a few of them. Book a Consultation Benefits of using the right SaaS tools for your business The right SaaS tools take a lot of the work out of running your business. Test to see how user-friendly it is Test.

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36 of the best SaaS tools to grow your business in 2021

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What you get: Real-time email copy analysis, AB testing, automatic follow-ups, and the ability to monitor clicks, opens, and replies. An upgrade from traditional A/B testing, “Campaigner Experiments,” lets you test every aspect of your email, like subject lines and call to actions. Test to see how user-friendly it is.

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How to Choose an A/B Testing Tool in 2023


Did you know there are over 50 A/B testing tools on the market? You don’t need to break the bank or go with the category leader if you want your testing needs met. Consider what kind of optimization challenges you face on the regular – the best A/B testing software for you should match your needs and budget. But first….