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Will Marketing Automation Be Free?


Land grab is common, where vendors lower prices to get customers on board. Industry consolidation is starting (Market2lead acquired, LeadGenesys refocused). Some vendors will sell below cost to gain market share, so higher prices or acquisitions may follow. Tags: marketing automation loopfuse.

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Low Cost Systems for Demand Generation

Customer Experience Matrix

Here are some alternatives that will come in at or below Marketo’s published starting price of $2,400 per month (or $1,500 for their “Lite” version). (To Pricing on their Web site is quite close to Marketo’s: $1,000 a month for a limited edition and $2,400 per month for all the bells and whistles, and no extra charge for installation.

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Getting More Out of Each Click with "Post-Click Marketing"


Pricing starts at about $300 per month. LeadGenesys offers broad functionality for tracking email campaigns and website visits. VisitorTrack service provides robust geo-targeting (so you know exactly where visitors are coming from) and email notification, but it's biggest strength is detailed and customizable reporting capability.