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The 2023 B2B Data Buyer’s Guide For RevOps Leaders


Marketing and sales departments frequently work with their own data sets, knowledge, and procedures, while customer service teams create distinct customer experiences from marketing and sales. Data that is duplicated, erroneous, and harmful to your success. Typically, data is manually inputted at some point during the trip.

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10 Signs Your Buyer Data is Causing Problems for Sales & Marketing


Seeing discrepancies between 2 or more of your data sources and instances of duplicate records indicate that your data hygiene is not optimal. You need a way to effectively de-dupe your buyer data and resolve your buyer data inconsistencies.

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The B2B Marketer’s Quick Start Guide: ABM Orchestration

Heinz Marketing

Most companies have poor CRM data hygiene, and DemandBase has struggled to sync data back to accounts in cases with duplicate accounts or accounts with inaccurate/incomplete information. Cons: I wish there was a way to change engagement minute configurations for different parts of the organization.