Renewals & Revenue: Great Partners Drive Customer Success

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To automate this program, Sam worked with local partner Bulldog Solutions to develop a multi-touch lead nurturing program to secure renewals. During the presentation, Sam graciously asked the Bulldog partners in the room to raise their hand while he thanked them for their great ideas and ability to help make this happen for CompassLearning. by Erika Goldwater | Tweet this.

B2B Lead Management Market Heats Up

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Home Forrester Research « Getting Up Close and Personal | Main | Social Technographics Data Now Available » March 20, 2008 B2B Lead Management Market Heats Up [Posted by Laura Ramos ] Since the start of this year, I’ve been receiving a boatload of briefing requests from companies wanting to show me their lead generation and management solutions. Most recently, Marketo just announced their lead management solution. Lead farming?

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Numeric Scoring: The Key To Lead Management Success

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Home Forrester Research « We’re renaming the blog | Main | New networks in the news » April 16, 2008 Numeric Scoring: The Key To Lead Management Success [Posted by Laura Ramos ] Recently I saw a preview of Eloqua’s spring release and it got me thinking about the role lead scoring plays in determining campaign effectiveness. The few marketers who end the arguing figure out early that quantifying lead quality is essential. " --"What leads?

The Marketing Skills Gap is Very Real

Modern Marketing

But fast-forward 10, 15 years and those same marketers we’re now trying to figure out SEO strategy, adopting marketing automation to track buyer behavior and deliver timely content, and parsing social media for lead generation opportunities. Eloqua, Focus, the Marketing Automation Institute and Bulldog Solutions will explore how companies staff the demand generation function and the critical skills that are missing in many marketing departments.

Process Turns Marketing Automation Into Revenue


An example: they determine what their most important customer segments are, what content they need in the different phases of the buying process, and how leads will be routed throughout the organization. Webinar, Tue 10/19: Using Lead Nurturing to Turn More Leads Into Revenue.

Sales and Marketing: Alignment vs. Integration

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Bill has spent most of his career in sales and sales leadership roles, including senior executive positions at FedEx Office, Office Depot, and the chief sales and revenue officer for Miller Heiman, as well as Bulldog Solutions. And of course, we want every lead to be a great lead.

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Ranking the Demand Generation Vendors by Popularity (Yes, Life Really Is Just Like High School)

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3 Reasons Your Agency Relationship Will Fail

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. In reflecting over Bulldog’s 14-year history in enterprise B2B marketing, we’ve had engagements that have been wildly successful—and some that have crashed. Do we deliver better results when we have CMO involvement versus a manager or director?