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Will Marketing Automation Be Free?


This is supported by the main trends in the Marketing Automation market: The product scope of all marketing automation vendors is quite similar. There is severe competition (30+ vendors). Land grab is common, where vendors lower prices to get customers on board. Will Other Vendors Follow? expensive sales teams).

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Low Cost Systems for Demand Generation

Customer Experience Matrix

I do recognize that they are the best known vendors in the space (with apologies to Vtrenz , whose identity is somewhat blurred since its purchase by Silverpop ). To be fair, many of the vendors below charge an installation of that can be several thousand dollars or more, while Marketo doesn't. I reviewed it here in March.

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Getting More Out of Each Click with "Post-Click Marketing"


lead automation management vendors. These vendors are quick to point out that you've already paid for the traffic to your site through PPC, SEO, interactive PR , banner advertising or other activities; their services simply help you learn more about the 97% of visitors who don't immediately convert into a lead. Was that you?