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5 Pro Tips for Successful Marketing Automation Implementation


So, you’ve decided to take part in the renaissance and implement marketing automation technology into your organization. As I’m sure you’ve heard, organizations all over the world are finding massive success automating and streamlining their marketing tasks and workflows. Marketing automation is not only your key to streamlining the consumer experience, it’s also an extremely worthwhile investment for your organization. Have a clear marketing strategy.

#AskTeleverde – Retro in Redondo Beach


As experts in all things sales and marketing, our clients look to us for guidance. Stumped by a sales or marketing situation? Dear Televerde, I’m well overdue when it comes to digital transformation, and I need some marketing technology advice.

14 Quick Tips for Kick-Ass Lead Management


Marketing wants sales to call all of the leads they're delivering. How do you improve lead management so leads aren't wasted or contacted before they're ready, and both sales and marketing can live together in harmony? SMarketing is the adorable and talented lovechild of sales and marketing, and you need it for lead management success. Adjust form fields to better qualify and distribute leads. Consider the frequency and timing of your nurturing.