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B2B telemarketing: An interview with Michael Brown

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With all the developments lately in B2B marketing, telemarketing still has a prominent position and I want to highlight that. So I sat down with Michael and asked him what’s new in telemarketing. What’s the latest and greatest in the world of B2B telemarketing? Michael: Well Mac, there’s a debate inside Sales and Marketing circles about cold calling versus “smart” calling. Cold callers call to pitch. B2B telemarketing Telemarketing

Demandbase: A New Twist In The Lead Management Automation Market

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I worry that this tool only ends up helping sales pick out cold calls to make, and is not used by marketers enough to segment, collect, and improve their prospecting databases. For those needing more capabilities to help with sales enablement or account-based communication, I would add: 8) Sales/marketing portal or workspace — includes account spaces/threaded discussions, sales call/activity prep, libraries for marketing content, task lists.