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Hard Data to Justify Your Marketing Automation Investment

Customer Experience Matrix

The Heart of Growing Conversion Rates," 2008): Best in Class Average % higher Inquires to Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) nearly 10% 3.9% Eloqua “ The Business Case for Integrated Demand Generation ” offers data from Forrester, CSO Insights and several Eloqua clients. First, they compare Best-in-Class to all other companies, rather than Average performers. Summary: So you want some hard numbers to prove the value of marketing automation? Here's a bunch.

Marketing Automation Trends for 2010


4) Marketing is getting more of a science: creative marketers need to acquire new skills and more people with an analytical background need to enter the profession (5) Data quality is somewhat boring, but it is a prerequisite for effective marketing automation and (6) sales and marketing need act as one team to give buyers the best possible buying experience. Kevin Joyce , CMO, Market2Lead. Steve Woods , CTO, Eloqua. Kevin Joyce, CMO, Market2Lead ( @nivenor1 ).