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10 Signs Your Buyer Data is Causing Problems for Sales & Marketing


Seeing discrepancies between 2 or more of your data sources and instances of duplicate records indicate that your data hygiene is not optimal. You need a way to effectively de-dupe your buyer data and resolve your buyer data inconsistencies.

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The B2B Marketer’s Quick Start Guide: ABM Orchestration

Heinz Marketing

Most companies have poor CRM data hygiene, and DemandBase has struggled to sync data back to accounts in cases with duplicate accounts or accounts with inaccurate/incomplete information. Execute targeted display advertising, dynamic web personalization, and intent-drive sales plays, all on one platform.

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10 Reasons Why Your Sales Team Needs a CRM tool


With sales intelligence tools like SalesIntel, users can push leads, contacts, and accounts into the CRM from SalesIntel. Find your ideal accounts and decision-makers, map the data to your CRM fields and push the data you need directly into the CRM. You can even de-dupe records before pushing them.