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Low Cost CDI from Infosolve, Pentaho and StrikeIron

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As I’ve mentioned in a couple of previous posts, QlikView doesn’t have the built-in matching functions needed for customer data integration (CDI). This has left me looking for other ways to provide that service, preferably at a low cost. The problem is that the major CDI products like Harte-Hanks Trillium , DataMentors DataFuse and SAS DataFlux are fairly expensive. One intriguing alternative is Infosolve Technologies.


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Just How Scalable Is QlikTech?

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A few days ago, I replied to a question regarding QlikTech scalability. See What Makes QlikTech So Good? August 3, 2007) I asked QlikTech itself for more information on the topic but haven’t learned anything new. So let me simply discuss this based on my own experience (and, once again, remind readers that while my firm is a QlikTech reseller, comments in this blog are strictly my own.)

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Top 100 Social Media Blogs for 2007


The VirtualHosting blog just announced their list of the Top 100 Social Media and Social Networking Blogs for 2007. The list is divided into nine categories including Most Popular Social Media, Most Popular Social Networking, Web 2.0, Industry News, and Social Media and Marketing.