What Is the Gemini Effect in B2B Marketing?

At first glance, reward and recognition programs would appear to be an ill fit for the world of B2B marketing. B2B business-client relationships are often more complex than those in the consumer world. Instead of marketing to a single customer, B2B marketers are often dealing with a connected web of relationships: in some cases selling directly to small business owners; in other cases, selling to purchasing managers within large companies, who must in turn answer to department heads with their own preferences; and in others selling to end-users indirectly through distributors or channel partners. In such a complex environment, how can loyalty marketing help?

One clear advantage is to understand the unique phenomenon commonly referred to as The Gemini Effect. When a customer has achieved a specific threshold based on purchase and other advocacy behaviors, they have earned a reward. What should they redeem for? Do they select a reward that is personal to them, their family, etc. as if they are a consumer? Or do they select a reward that is beneficial to their business or the associates who work for them? The answer may surprise you. Download this white paper from B2B loyalty experts, Reward Paths, to gain some experience-based insight on how best to approach this unique characteristic.

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