BANT is Bunk, BS and Irrelevant - per Ardath Albee


I really liked Ardath Albee’s blog on July 9, 2013— Why BANT is Bunk for Today’s B2B Buyer and not just because I agree with most of what she says. BANT is among the reasons leads passed by marketing are considered low quality. BANT hasn’t. ".SOME SOME OF THE BANT CRITERIA FOR YOUR HOTTEST LEADS WILL LIKELY BE MISSING.". Need: “This one is probably the most valid of the BANT criteria for without it there’s no possibility of making a sale.

BANT 230

Streamline Lead Qualification with Technology Intelligence

HG Data

Lead qualification is the process of determining whether an account fits your ideal customer profile (ICP). It enables your sales teams to score and prioritize accounts so that they focus on those with high propensities to buy. Budget: How much can the lead spend?

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