Every business asks the same question: How can we increase revenue?

As a sales manager, you’re tasked with not only answering this question, but directing your sales team to achieve goals and deliver results. This often means motivating your team through everything from revenue targets, to sales funnel and forecasting, to activity management and collaboration.

As a leader in your sales organization, it’s incredibly important to have an accurate picture of your team’s revenue, pipeline, and sales activities in order to deliver results. Likewise, it’s even more important to shape your sales culture into one that is positive, accountable, and metric-driven. This means enabling everyone to understand what to get done and who’s doing it.

If you’re a sales manager interested in learning how to effectively manage your sales team, then this webinar is for you. Gary Galvin will help you define metrics to drive success, empower your sales team, and create a culture driven by results and accountability. When your team clearly understands what path they’re on and why they’re on it, they are that much more likely to achieve results.

This webinar will cover how sales managers can track opportunities, accounts, and sales activities, all while coaching and collaborating with sales teams on a daily and weekly basis. You will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to:

  • Hold a meaningful and metric-driven weekly sales meeting
  • Master 1:1 sales meetings
  • Define key performance indicators that relate to business objectives
  • Quickly find and add information related to accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities, and activities
  • Effectively manage and track sales activities
  • Present accurate sales metrics to executives and board members

Join us for the fifth fantastic episode of our Salesforce efficiency webinar series!

October 11th 2018, 11 AM PST, 2 PM EST, 7 PM GMT

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